Would you like to spend the Summer in the Caribbean? All you need to know

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June is just around the corner and you are probably already thinking about Summer in the Caribbean!! It is the perfect moment to make your Caribbean dreams come true. Be it for its lush, exotic landscapes, its delicious gastronomy or the endless joy of its people… its coconut trees and tropical beaches are the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable holiday in the Caribbean!

We want Princess Hotels to be your home away from home. Discover why Summer in the Caribbean is one of the most sought-after destinations and why year after year thousands of tourists choose its heavenly beaches to enjoy their holidays.

Travel safely to the Caribbean with Protect Yourself

Princess Hotels Caribe has created Protect Yourself, a programme to guarantee the health and safety of our guests and staff. The hotels at all times follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the official authorities. Here is all the information.


What makes Punta Cana’s Summer in the Caribbean special?

There is no question about Punta Cana having lots of sun and beaches, but it also has memories, sunsets, excursions, colours and tropical fun. Proof of this is the growing number of tourists that visit us year after year. They always want to share their photos and memories with all those who haven’t been lucky enough to discover this fascinating destination.

In a corner of the beautiful island of La Española, south of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana and Bávaro are known for being some of the most well-known Caribbean destinations in the world. Endless kilometres of coconut groves underscore the blue dome of the sky and flank the turquoise waters and white sand of its beaches. There are also natural parks to visit, fun excursions on the beach and boat trips!

A holiday in any of the Princess hotels of Punta Cana involves:

  • Enjoying all-inclusive resorts
  • Strolling through tropical gardens
  • Enjoying the hypnotic beach that surrounds us
  • Falling in love with the warmth and eternal Dominican kindness of our staff

A rich gastronomy that combines the best flavours of the land, including fish and seafood, coconut, avocado, fresh vegetables, tropical fruit… new seasonings with which to surprise your palate!


What can’t you miss in Punta Cana?

Practise water sports

Temperatures are warm throughout the year, but in summer they get warmer, making the water even more pleasant. This is perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling and water sports enthusiasts.

It is the perfect time for beginners to get a scuba diving certificate and start practising their recently acquired skills in crystal-clear waters, coral reefs or haunting underwater shipwrecks. There are also fun sailing lessons onboard fast and fun catamarans while you admire the coast of Bávaro from a different perspective.

Play golf

If you love to spend hours on end on the course, at Punta Cana you will enjoy the long hours of daylight. Your golf games can go on until dusk at any of the courses you will find near the hotels!

Horseback riding on the beach

Picture a heavenly beach. Now picture yourself enjoying the perfect sunset while riding on horseback. Romantic moments on the beach that will become the perfect backdrop for your holidays in the Caribbean.

Excursions to Isla Catalina and Isla Saona

Returning to sea, but this time from a different perspective: the islands of Isla Catalina and Isla Saona. These are two star excursions. Combine them with speedboats, dancing on catamarans, snorkelling or beach parties. We are sure you won’t be able to stop taking photos and having a great time!

Have fun with the entertainment team

Leave the sunbed and your drink for a moment and come have some fun with the exciting acivities and sports that our entertainment team has in store for you. Making the most of the summer warmth, our nights are eternal, with unforgettable strolls under the moonlight, magical live music sessions… Make sure you don’t miss out!

Visit the capital of Santo Domingo

The first city in the new world, where it all began, opens its doors to all who want to discover it. Explore its corners, lose yourself in its alleys and fall in love with the colonial area.

Here you will find more plans for your holidays in the Dominican Republic.

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What makes the Riviera Maya’s Summer in the Caribbean special?

To spend the Summer in the Riviera Maya is to embark on a unique and unparalleled experience. In the most beautiful part of Mexico, you will have the chance to enjoy tranquillity, fun and the kindness of the locals. The perfect place for your holidays!

  • Take a dip in the warm turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya.
  • Enjoy the delicious margarita that is waiting next to your sunbed.
  • Let the sun toast your skin to an irresistible colour.
  • Savour delicious fresh meals: ceviche, mole, unbeatable Mexican tacos…

AAt the end of the day, put on your best clothes and go for a walk along the famous Quinta Avenida. Between drinks and laughs, you will dance to the beats of cumbia, salsa and reggaeton. Enjoy and make the most of what makes the Riviera Maya such a special place in which to spend your Summer in the Caribbean!

What can’t you miss in Riviera Maya?

To visit the Riviera Maya is to visit a magical place where a wide range of options opens up to make your holidays a unique experience you will always remember. Among the many things to do here, we recommend:

Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

Chichen Itza is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. You simply have to visit it during your holidays in the Caribbean. The Riviera Maya is much more than gorgeous and beautiful landscapes. It also has a rich historical heritage.

On the other hand, you should really visit Cobá. A beautiful natural park with pre-Hispanic ruins you can explore along cycling routes.

Visit a cenote

Enjoy the cenotes during your Summer in the Caribbean! Cenotes are holes in the ground that were considered holy places by the Maya. They currently boast incredible natural beauty. Don’t forget to take a camera or cell phone to capture the moment you swam in these beautiful places, typical of the Riviera Maya.These are the 5 most spectacular cenotes!

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

When we think about holidays in the Riviera Maya, we inevitably think about the area’s natural wealth. There is no better way to discover Mexican fauna than by spending a day in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Throughout the day-long trip, you will see tortoises, dolphins and crocodiles, among other creatures. It is one of the best excursions for your Summer in the Caribbean.
→ The excursion includes relaxing moments on a virgin beach, breakfast and snorkelling in a coral reef in crystal-clear waters. The hardest part is leaving this heavenly place behind at day’s end!

Dance to the beats of Coco Bongo

Our last recommendation is for night crawlers and music lovers. A holiday in the Riviera Maya is not complete without a trip to the most famous disco in the Caribbean, Coco Bongo. This disco is in Playa del Carmen and it takes the concept of spectacle to a whole new level. Coco Bongo offers several musical shows, with impeccably synchronised choreographies that will turn your night into an unforgettable experience!

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Do you like our suggestions? We encourage you to come visit us and, if you have already been in the Caribbean, share your experiences with all of us!

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