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Princess Hotels & Resorts | Online Pre-Check-In

How does the Princess Hotels Check in work?

Whether you’ve made a direct booking or opted for a reservation through a travel provider, we offer you the convenience of a pre check-in. This service is available both from the comfort of your home and upon your arrival at the hotel. Rest assured, our hotels provide complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing you to easily complete your check-in process on-site.

You can complete the check-in process in four easy steps:

  • Access the online check-in page through our website or by clicking on the access link provided in the email you received when making a reservation at any of our hotels.
  • Please fill out the online check-in form with the following information: ID/passport and personal information of all guests.
  • After completing the online check-in process, you will receive a QR code along with an identification number.
  • Please proceed to the check-in desk or self-service kiosk (available at selected hotels only) with your QR code in order to speed up the check in process.