Covid-19 Vaccination Day in the Dominican Republic´s Princess Hotels

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We are very excited to announce that thanks to Public Healthcare, the Princess Hotels in the Dominican Republic have been able to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign to help promote our country as a tourist destination.

The Dominican Republic, a safe destination

The Dominican Republic wants to become a safe tourist destination, which is why we joined the hotel staff vaccination campaign. All direct employees of all the Princess Hotels in Punta Cana were vaccinated over the course of a few days, as were the people who work at our hotels, such as shop or spa employees.

At Princess Hotels we have always supported and followed the measures recommended by the Dominican Government, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Public Health in order to protect our tourists, our workers and our destination. Our goal has always been to make sure our guests enjoy a relaxing holiday and to secure Punta Cana’s reputation as a global pioneer and a safe destination.

We think it is important to point out that this new phase, promoted by the Dominican Government as part of its vaccination rollout, aims to prioritise the ENTIRE tourist sector, which does not only include hotels, but also restaurants, receptive parties and other sector workers all over the country. The objective is promoting the Dominican Republic as an internationally safe holiday destination.

Protect Yourself, Princess Hotels

We think it is wonderful that on top of all the other safety measures applied for the benefit of our clients we have also been able to vaccinate our entire staff, thus making more efficient the Protect Yourself safety protocols of Princess Hotels in the Dominican Republic. These protocols have been certified by the international company Cristal and received its Check Point stamp, and they have also been audited and certified by the Dominican Ministries of Tourism and Public Health.

The vaccination campaign has been a success thanks to the cooperation and participation of all the teams of all our departments, along with the members of the public health service who organised the operation in the theatre/hall of Grand Bávaro Princess. Every necessary health and safety guarantee was in place to ensure the vaccines were properly administered by specialised doctors.

Throughout the campaign, we did not only count on the presence of public healthcare workers, but also of Cestur, and we would like to thank them for their assistance and cooperation.


How was the vaccination campaign?

It started on Monday 26 of April at 10:30 am with a clear explanation to all participants and workers about how the vaccinating session was about to proceed. Several volunteers from the hotel helped their colleagues and the Public Healthcare workers to fill in the required forms, providing support and making sure the health and safety protocols were abided by. By the end of that first day, we had vaccinated more than 400 workers. The vaccinations continued on Tuesday and on Wednesday, until the entire staff was inoculated.

This, of course, has only been the first part. In about 25 days, a second round will take place so that our workers and service providers can receive the second dose of the vaccine.

All in all, and thanks to the effort and commitment of all parties involved, we can now safely say that in a month’s time the entire staff of all Princess Hotels will have been vaccinated.

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  1. adelina leon says:

    I hope they do a good job in cleaning and safety… It is not good that all those resorts are allowing so many people to gather

    • Dear Adelina,

      Thank you for your comment! At Princess Hotels & Resorts our main objective is the safety, health and wellbeing of our guests and employees, which is why we are rigorously complying with all the relevant protection measures in our different destinations to guarantee a holiday with total peace of mind and comfort.

      You can find more information on the following link:

      Thank you

  2. Clara says:

    It is also for turists? or only residents?

    • Dear Clara,

      Thank you for your comment! This vaccination campaign was for employees and people who work on our hotels. We want to help promote Dominican Republic as a safe tourist destination.


  3. Paul Linthuis says:

    It’s good to hear that you all are provided with a COVID-19 vacination.
    Not only for us as Youri’s, but I think also voor the benefit off yourself and your families.

    Hope we 2 can come soon back.

  4. Darrell Smith says:

    Thank you Princess. I’ll see you in October. Tell Juan to have a cold beer ready for me at the pool bar. His brother from another mother.

    • Dear Darrell!

      Thank you for your comment!
      We are going to send your message to him 🙂

      See you in October with a cold beer at the pool bar!

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