TRANSVULCANIA 2021 Do you want to face the biggest challenge of your life?

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Una corredora en la Transvulcania

This year you can’t miss the eleventh edition of one of the toughest mountain ultramarathons that exists: Transvulcania 2021. Around 2,500 participants from around the world have registered for this edition so far, who, along its 74 kilometres, will have to overcome an elevation gain of 8,407 metres. Those interested can join the race until September 1 on the official website. Since 2012, Transvulcania has been part of the Skyrunner World Series in its Ultramarathon mode, opening the circuit of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF).

For those who will join the race on the last week of October, choosing the perfect stay becomes a top priority. For this reason, the La Palma & Teneguía Princess resort offers a 15% discount plus entrance to its fabulous spa for fans and participants at the best accommodation for athletes on the Beautiful Island.


The race route
Participantes durante el recorrido de la Transvulcania

This mountain race begins on a Saturday at 6 a.m. The competition starts on the coast at the foot of the Fuencaliente lighthouse, just 10 minutes by car from the Princess hotel, and runs along the GR 131 – Ruta del Bastón long-distance trail. The route runs through the town of El Paso, Las Deseadas, Refugio del Pilar, El Reventón, Pico de las Nieves, Pico de la Cruz and Roque de los Muchachos, ending at the Torre Forestal del Time after 61 kilometres.

After passing through the town of Tijarafe, the trail joins another long route that starts in Puerto de Tazacorte with the well-known GR 130 – Camino Real de la Costa and in 12.3 kilometres more, which is how long this trail is, you reach the finish line in Los Llanos de Aridane, completing 74.6 kilometres in total. To reach this area west of La Palma, participants have another starting point: Roque de los Muchachos, with a long descent to the other side of the beautiful island: Tazacorte.

The race can be run in the modalities of half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon or Vertical KM. Here’s all the information at a glance:

Ultramarathon (10.31.2021 / 06:00 am – 09:30 pm)
· Route: Ruta del Bastón (Gran Recorrido GR 131) – Camino Real de la Costa (GR 130)
· Starting point: Lighthouse “Faro de Fuencaliente”
· Finish: Plaza de España in Los Llanos de Aridane
· Distance: 74,33 km
· Cumulate elevation gain: 4.350 m
· Cumulate elevation loss: 4.057 m


Marathon (10.30.2021 / 10:00 am – 08:00 pm)
· Route: Ruta del Bastón (Gran Recorrido GR 131)
· Recorrido: Ruta del Bastón (Gran Recorrido GR 131)
· Starting point: Refugio de El Pilar (El Paso)
· Finish: Puerto de Tazacorte
· Distance: 45 km.
· Cumulate elevation gain: 1884 m
· Cumulate elevation loss: 3329 m


Half marathon (10.30.2021 / 09:00 am – 02.00 pm)
· Route: Ruta de los Volcanes
· Starting point: Lighthouse “Faro de Fuencaliente”
· Finish: Picnic area Refugio El Pilar (El Paso)
· Distance: 24,28 Km.
· Cumulate elevation gain: 2097 m
· Cumulate elevation loss: 689 m


Vertical KM (10.28.2021 / 05.00 pm – 08.00 pm)
· Route: Ruta del Bastón (Gran Recorrido GR 131)
· Starting point: Puerto de Tazacorte Beach
· Finish: Torre del Time (Tijarafe)
· Distance: 7,6 Km.
· Cumulate elevation gain: 1203 m


Transvulcania Kids-Junior

Various children races take place at the recreational area El Pilar at El Paso.


A challenge where you can also relax
Zona de spa en el Aqua Princess

This route requires a stay that brings together essential factors for any runner, such as the possibility of relaxing and recovering from the physical effort that this race requires.

This comfort is achieved thanks to Aqua Princess, a space within the La Palma Teneguía Princess hotel that consists of a thermal circuit, several saunas, hydromassage and sensation showers, as well as a team of professionals that offer health and beauty treatments. Additionally, the resort offers assistance to the participants to prepare for the race, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment available at its gym. However, if you prefer something more fun and that also allows you to stay in good shape for the competition, the La Palma Teneguía Princess hotel is what you are looking for. A tennis court, beach volleyball court… endless activities to be enjoyed in the best climate in the world.

In addition, the resort is very close to the start of Transvulcania 2021, the complex is so involved in this ultra-trail that it even offers all the information you need about the programme. Furthermore, and to make sure you experience the best mountain marathon in the world, Princess Hotels & Resorts has prepared exclusive promotional offers at its La Palma hotel designed for Transvulcania participants and anyone who wants to enjoy this great race. A good reason to recommend that you book your hotel in La Palma as soon as possible and take advantage of the 15% discount and the entrance to the spa per person at the best sports resort on the island.

Please note that the offer is valid for a minimum of 3 nights at the La Palma & Teneguía Princess and Esencia de La Palma hotels. You can make your booking using the promotional code we have created for this special occasion: TRANSVULCANIA21 and enjoy your stay from October 25 to November 7, 2021. In addition, this promotion is applicable to early booking offers so that you can enjoy a greater discount. Don’t hesitate, make your booking because spaces are limited.


No more excuses! Face the challenge.


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