Let us answer all your Frequently Asked Questions for the Platinum Yucatan Princess Hotel

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F.A.Q Platinum Yucatán | Princess Hotels


Do you want to know, all you need to know about the exclusive Platinum Yucatan Princess Hotel? We will answer all your frequently asked questions, so you won’t have any doubts! Discover all the details of our Only Adults hotel. If you want more information, write a comment. We will be happy to answer you!


Preguntas frecuentes Can I travel with my 17 years daughter?

The minimum age is 18.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a nightclub at this resort?

Yes, we have a the disco called Salsa.

Preguntas frecuentes Is drinking tap water a problem at the Platinum Yucatan Princess? Is bottled water provided?

The ice is from sand and activated carbon filtered water with UV light and chlorine. We also have bottled water.

Preguntas frecuentes Is this a gay friendly resort? I notice that it is not TAG Approved.

Every guest is important to us and we don’t discriminate for any reason, including gender or sexual preferences. Our policies behavior is for all our guests.

Preguntas frecuentes Should we tip with Mexican pesos or American money?

Your choice. They accept either gladly.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there any issue at this resort with mosquitos?

Every day we fumigate the complex with a safe repellent for our guests. Once your room is empty we also proceed to fumigate the room.

Preguntas frecuentes Are there local shops that sell cigarettes?

You can buy cigarettes at the resort’s gift shop.

Preguntas frecuentes What is the weather usually like?

The weather is hot, all year round.

Preguntas frecuentes Is it walkable distance to 5th Ave?

No, it’s too far to walk. You must to take a taxi or the Princess shuttle service to Playa del Carmen.

Preguntas frecuentes How much is a cab to Playa Del Carmen (about 10km)

300 pesos or $20usd to the city center.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a casino on the site? I know they have a “casino night”, but is there a real casino?

No, there isn’t a casino, it’s a one night activity at La Plaza.

Preguntas frecuentes Is it safe to buy an excursion from a beach vendor?

We can only suggest vendors from the resort.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a Facebook group for “fans” of this resort?

Yes, Fans of Platinum Yucatán Princess resort.




F.A.Q Platinum Yucatán | Princess Hotels

Preguntas frecuentes Could you please tell me the name of a company or how I can get a transfer from the airport to hotel and back to the airport.

Unfortunately Platinum Yucatan doesn’t offer any kind of transportation from the airport, so we suggest you book with http://princessmx.guidego.com/transfers/welcome/en-GB/.

Preguntas frecuentes Is the reggae party on the beach all year around? I also  read that it’s lobster night in the buffet on Thursday, is that correct?

If the weather allow us to party, it is on the beach, in case of rain we move it to La Plaza. Thursday’s night is our Caribbean night where you can enjoy a variety fish and seafood, most of the year we usually have a “lobster quiche”, but it depends on the availability.

Preguntas frecuentes What is best way to get a copy of your events calendar? It would be nice to plan things in advance.

You can get an up to date activities program on the facebook fan page or you can request it at the following e-mail address [email protected], and can be used as a reference.

Preguntas frecuentes Are Spa services included in the all inclusive? What is the price of the water circuit at the spa? Where can we get the spa menu?

The spa is not included in the all inclusive package. The price of the water circuit is 430 pesos. You can have a 50% discount on your massage if you have one within the first 24 hours of arrival. You can email the spa and they will send you the Spa menu: [email protected].

Preguntas frecuentes How far are the tennis courts from Building #5 (Platinum Deluxe)?

They are 150 meters away, so its a 7 minutes walk or you can take the train that leaves every 15 minutes at the next door Princess resort (Grand Riviera Princess).

Preguntas frecuentes Do we need to make a reservation to use the courts? Are the courts lighted in the evenings?

No, you don’t. After 6:00 pm the lights costs 20 usd per hour.

Preguntas frecuentes Do we need to bring our own rackets and balls, or can we rent them there?

We provide rackets and balls at the tennis courts but if you need them after 5:00 pm you must ask the reception team at the Grand Riviera Princess for the equipment. You will have to leave a deposit, but this will be returned to you when you finish your game and you have returned the equipment.

Preguntas frecuentes Has anyone used the Golf at the sports park? Is there a cost, or is it included?

We have 2 golf practice holes and it’s included.




F.A.Q Platinum Yucatán | Princess Hotels

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a place to get special coffee drinks? Do they serve “Fire Coffee”?

We have the La Plaza and lobby bar. Every afternoon there’s a stand where you can get coffee with alcohol. Yes, we do “Fire Coffee”, every night from 7:00 pm.

Preguntas frecuentes Can we take our cocktails to our room? Can we take them from the swim up bar?

You can take any drinks from our bars to your room. You just can’t order them from room service.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a dress code for the restaurants at night?

Yes, there is. For men: long pants and shirts or t-shirts with sleeves and shoes.

For women: casual clothes and shoes or smart sandals

Preguntas frecuentes I see you have dinners in the canopies, can these be booked?

Anyone can reserve the canopies; however, if you are not a Platinum Deluxe guest you will have to pay 60 usd or 600 pesos.

Preguntas frecuentes Are there any restaurants that you must pay for in cash that aren’t included in the all inclusive? How many restaurants are included?

The Chill Out restaurant at the next door resort must be paid for in cash. The Skylights Restaurant in the Platinum Yucatan Princess is the only restaurant that must be charged to your room. All the others -Rodeo, Aroma, Tao, Bruschetta and Buffet- are included.

Preguntas frecuentes Can you wear casual shorts in the main buffet restaurant?

Casual shorts are not allowed in the a la carte restaurants, but are allowed in the buffet, remember that you need to always wear a t-shirt.

Preguntas frecuentes How many of the restaurants require closed shoes and dress pants for men?

The four a la carte restaurants and the Skylights Restaurant.




F.A.Q Platinum Yucatán | Princess Hotels

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a charge for restocking the mini bar? Is it included in the All Inclusive Package?

There is no charge for “restocking” and it is replenished once per day. There are charges if you want additional items prior to the daily restocking.

Preguntas frecuentes Is the room service included? Or would we have to pay extra for this?

It’s included, and works 24/7 the menu is in your room.

Preguntas frecuentes Is there a safe? What are the dimensions?

Yes, the rooms have a safe. The internal measurements are: 46cm wide x 21.5cm high x 34cm deep.

Preguntas frecuentes Are there bathrobes in the rooms? And what type of toiletries do you offer?

There are bathrobes and slippers in the rooms. We also provide soap, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, lotion and bath salts.

Preguntas frecuentes Are there hair dryers in the rooms?

Yes, we provide hair dryers for use during your stay.

Preguntas frecuentes Can we use the same charger in Mexico as we do in the USA to charge iPads and iPhones?

In Mexico we use the parallel outlet that is standard in USA and CAN. We have 110 volts regulated in 60 cycles.

Preguntas frecuentes Are the Honeymoon swim-out suites considered Platinum? Are they close to beach?

The Honeymoon Suites are located in the platinum building (#5), and they are the nearest rooms to the beach. The Honeymoon swim out rooms also have direct access to the swim up bar in the Platinum pool.

Preguntas frecuentes Are the the mini liquor bottles in the room included?

The welcome bottles are included: Vodka, rum and tequila (1/4 liter). If you need an extra bottle it costs 6 usd.

Preguntas frecuentes Are there any Ocean View Rooms at this resort? How far is the Ocean from the hotel?

We don’t offer Ocean View. The Ocean is only a 5 minutes walk or less, from the hotel.

Preguntas frecuentes What is the best block to stay in for noise levels/sun?

Building 1, 2 and 4 for quieter rooms. Building 3 for sunny rooms.




F.A.Q Platinum Yucatán | Princess Hotels

Preguntas frecuentes How can I book?  

You can book through our official website: princess-hotels.com. You can check out our booking browser and choose: hotel, dates, number of rooms and people. You will find our online rates and our offers. If you don’t find what are you looking for, we will be pleased to assist you on the following email: [email protected].

Preguntas frecuentes What is MyPrincess?

MyPrincess is our customer loyalty programme. Princess Hotels & Resorts have designed a free programme for our guests from all around the world. We want to thank you for the trust you have deposited in us.

Register here!

Preguntas frecuentes What benefits are offered on the MyPrincess Caribbean Programme?

  • Exclusive discounts of up to 20% extra in your bookings
  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Fruit plate in the room
  • Complimentary Snacks on arrival
  • Discounts on services
  • Many more services according to the hotel and destination

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