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Have you thought about your summer holidays? You have not had the opportunity yet to visit the Caribbean beaches? If that is the case and you still have not experienced the magnificent beaches of the Caribbean, we want to give you a glimpse of the exotic and attractive landscapes that you can find in the Riviera Maya and Punta Cana so that your senses get a feel of it and rejoice.

The best destinations in the Caribbean

Riviera Maya Holidays

On the Riviera Maya coast, in the south of the Yucatan peninsula and very close to Playa del Carmen you can admire its turquoise sea and its fine sand beaches which testify to its beauty.

You can go diving and snorkelling in one of the largest reefs in the world, full of thousands of tropical fish. In the previous article we explained the possible water activities that you can enjoy in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, the “Chichen Itza” and its famous Pyramid of Kukulkán, a jewel of Mayan architecture that you cannot miss.

You must also pay a visit to the city of Playa del Carmen and its nightlife with its famous nightclubs or pubs where you can dance the night away.

Punta Cana Holidays

If your choose to travel to the Dominican Caribbean, we are sure you will not regret it. If you pick Punta Cana as your destination, you will definitely spend your holidays in one of the most impressive settings in the world.

The visitor who decides to stay in the Caribbean is welcome to book any of our hotels in Punta Cana, which are 5-star all-inclusive resorts located on the most distinct and famous beaches in the Caribbean.

Punta Cana clearly stands out for its turquoise waters and its fine white sand. According to UNESCO, the area has one of the best beaches in the world. It is a jewel of the Caribbean that treasures a diversity of unique flora and fauna along the 40 kilometres that form the so-called “Coconut Coast”.

Live the summer in paradise with Princess Hotels!

Caribbean Food

During your stay in the Riviera Maya you will be able to enjoy a mix of traditional Mexican cuisine recipes, based on raw materials rooted in the Mayan culture, a homely and authentic way to taste the local gastronomy. The local products that stand out most are tomato sauces, beans, avocado and lime, on which dishes so renowned worldwide as Guacamole, Nachos, Enchiladas, Burritos or Quesadillas are based upon.

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the best tequila in the world or the micheladas, a cocktail mix of beer, lemon juice and various sauces, the ideal refreshment for cooling off on sunny Caribbean days.

The Gastronomy of the Dominican Republic displays a range of flavours inherited from its many cultural influences. It is mainly focused on fish and seafood. You will have a chance to taste the Caribbean giant lobster, shrimps, crabs, octopus, and Creole fish with garlic. You can also ask for the popular grilled meat with rice, beans and salad.

You can also enjoy the most traditional Dominican cuisine, a Creole fusion of native, Hispanic, African and European influences. The different variations displayed by every country in the region make the flavours of the Caribbean recipes unique.

Are you thinking about coming to the Caribbean?

We’ll make it easy for you since our hotels offer the best deals in Punta Cana and Riviera Maya exclusively on our official website. You can have access to the best facilities of our 5-star Caribbean resorts: fabulous outdoor swimming pools, a wide range of supervised activities such as yoga, Pilates, water sports, live music, and theatre, among others. A special place holds our fabulous SPA in which to relax your body and mind or the enormous gastronomic variety offered by our restaurants with the all-inclusive service, like the TAO Restaurant with its Asian selection at the Platinum Yucatán Princess or the Italian Mamma Mia at the Grand Sunset Princess All Suites Resort, Spa & Casino.

Up to 45% off for your summer vacation in the Caribbean

You can enjoy all these benefits and more thanks to our Caribbean summer offers at the Princess Hotels. You can get up to 45% off your summer vacation between June 23 and September 21 for one of the most attractive destinations in the Caribbean.

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