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While it is true that the reasons to visit the Dominican Republic can be summed up by the slogan “It has everything”, we know that the real list of reasons is almost endless. That’s why we have made a brief summary of the main reasons for you. We trust it will help ensure that your next trip is to this beautiful Caribbean island.

  1. Kilometers and kilometers of tropical beaches with fine white sand lapped by turquoise waters, upon which you can you shut out the real world, lose yourself in the moment, and forget all your worries.
  2. The climate: while it is true that the Dominican Republic enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, you may be surprised to learn that it changes depending on the area. There are several different microclimates ranging from desert, humid and rainy, colder, warmer and tropical … The Princess hotels are privileged to be located in the southeastern corner of the country in Punta Cana, an area which enjoys a more stable tropical climate with gentle breezes and very little rainfall.
    Playas en Punta Cana
  3. Adventure tourism and fun. The Dominican Republic is a destination for sun and beach lovers, but that does not mean that more active visitors cannot enjoy a stay in our hotels in Punta Cana. Hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, golf, horseback riding, zip lines, canoeing, rivers, waterfalls … just tell us what you want to do. Beyond the beaches there are mountains, rivers, seas, lakes … full of opportunities to enjoy activities which are great for everyone.
    Buceo en Punta Cana - República Dominicana
  4. The music: bachata and merengue are a perfect recipe for bonding with friends, laughing with the family, and maybe also conquering someone’s heart. No matter where you are, whether it’s a small bar in the center of a village or a major nightclub, the sounds of the güira, drums and accordion create a musical explosion to which you just have to move your feet and hips… To dance is to love, to live, to enjoy… Old and young, no matter what your age. Geniuses like Juan Luis Guerra have introduced Dominican rhythms to the wider world, and young performers such as Romeo Santos continue to fly the flag and ensure the rhythms are never lost.
  5. Dream hotels in a natural paradise, adapted to all tastes and needs. If your idea is to enjoy the romantic side of the country on an intimate and private trip with your partner or on your honeymoon, put the Punta Cana Princess on your list right now. If you’re thinking about something more youthful, more fun, full of activities and games, we’re sure that you and your friends will love the Caribe Club Princess.Caribe Club PrincessAnd for families, with special details for our younger guests thanks to the family rooms (which allow parents to stay close to the children, but still enjoy some independence), the Tropical Princess is the ideal hotel. And finally, if you’re looking for a resort that meets all the above needs in a most privileged natural environment and with all the attractions you could dream of (casino, spa, Platinum service, kids club, honeymoon suites…) you are definitely thinking about the Bavaro Princess.And all of them offer a great choice of activities, food and drinks that will allow you to enjoy life alongside the fabulous beaches in the Caribbean.
  6. The people: the Dominican heat does not only come from the sun, and you can feel that from the moment you land and begin to experience Dominican hospitality. In fact, it is the Dominican people which make thousands and thousands of travelers return to the destination year after year. Somebody should invent a word to describe the ever-present Dominican smile, friendly faces wherever they come from and wherever they are going. Serene people, with a feeling which is contagious and which gets into your heart and even makes you start talking and moving like they do. Smiling at life!
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  7. The food, a result of the melting pot that the country has always been. Tropical flavors that combine local fruit and vegetables with spices such as coriander, cumin, or annatto. Spanish, Creole and African influences… identifiable in dishes such as Sancocho, Mangu, or banana-leaf tamales. Dishes that delight tourists, locals and expats.
  8. Carnival: in such a happy country with a tropical climate, color and musicality shine through in everything they do and celebrate, at its greatest heights at the Carnival with its costumes, masks and rattles. A joy that is shared throughout the island, when the groups take to the streets to take part in one of the most colorful festivals in the country. The Guloyas of San Pedro de Macoris, the Devils at the Vega carnival (the oldest in the country), the Cachuas de Cabral, Santiago Carnival (the largest in the country), or Punta Cana Carnival, which brings together the winning groups and is held two weeks after the Carnivals.
  9. The famous Dominican rum: The country has several brands and different types of rums depending on their vintage and processing method. If you’re a connoisseur that appreciates a fine rum, you will find the best brands in the world to drink neat or with ice. It is not at all difficult to find rums that will conquer even the most discerning palates such as Siglo de Oro, Imperial, Papa Andrés … If you’re thinking more about delicious cocktails, we recommend the younger white or golden rums among which there is a wide range of choice (Aged, Extra Aged, Añejos …) with brands such as Brugal, Barcelo or Bermudez which are among the best rums in the world, all distilled from the best and most exquisite Dominican sugar cane.
  10. The golf courses: It’s not just the great weather that invites you to play all year round. It’s also the fact that the Dominican Republic has some of the most stunning golf courses in the whole of the Caribbean.
    Hoteles Princess en Punta CanaWidely known as the “Golf Mecca of the Caribbean”, the area of Bavaro and Punta Cana offers golf fans an extensive choice of first-class golf courses, with nearly a dozen courses.Within a 10-minute to 1-hour drive, guests at the Princess hotels in Punta Cana can enjoy several courses, some designed by prestigious golfers such as Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Sr., Gary Player, Tom Frazio, Nick Faldo, Nick Price and Greg Norman.So if you dream about playing on courses such as Punta Espada, La Cana, or Corales, please ask our concierges. This ends our 10 reasons to visit the Dominican Republic, a small selection of all the luxuries and natural wonders that await you on your vacations in our Princess hotels in Punta CanaPrincess Hotels en Punta CanaWait no more. Visit Punta Cana now!

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