This is how we celebrate World Water Day at Princess Hotels Caribe

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Día del agua | Princess Hotels


What is celebrated on March 22nd?

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd,to celebrate the most important resource for human life. The United Nations also recognizes that “the right to safe drinking water and sanitation is an essential human right for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.”

 At Princess Hotels we want to continue helping to raise awareness about the importance in preserving the liquid element. The care, responsible use and awareness of their scarcity are of vital importance. It is one of the points that is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, called Princess and You 360º Sustainable.


What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is a very important date to sensitize the entire population to the importance of caring for and protecting this essential natural resource. Throughout the World, activities are carried out with the intention of promoting sustainability in water consumption:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Ecological activities


What is the theme of World Water Day 2019?

Every year, the United Nations (UN) defines a theme for World Water Day. This year the motto is “Do not leave anyone behind“. It is an integral part of the 2030 Agenda where all the Member States of the UN commit themselves to work towards a Sustainable Development available to all: to fulfill 17 objectives divided into 169 goals.


 How is World Water Day celebrated at Princess Hotels Mexico?

The care with the management of water consumption, as well as the cleanliness of the beach and the sea, are part of our “Princess and You 360 ° Sustainable Project“. That’s why at Princess Hotels Riviera Maya we celebrate World Water Day with various activities. It is our way of promoting the importance of taking care of this indispensable resource for human life. 

Beach Cleaning: On this special day, Princess Hotels Mexico celebrates it with a traditional beach cleaning. The efforts of staff members of all the departments are combined with the precious help of several guests at our hotels. 

But the actions of Princess Hotels México to contribute to the sustainable consumption of water aren’t restricted to the actions of World Water Day.

→ During 2018 our recycling actions made possible a saving of more than 5800 cubic meters of water. The equivalent of almost 3 Olympic swimming pools!

We are aware that our region and our tourism depend on the population to protect this important resource. During the day, environmental talks are also held with all our employees to alert them to the importance of good water consumption management. These talks also focus the protection and care for the seas and beaches of this region.


How is World Water Day celebrated at Princess Hotels Dominican?

Día del agua | Princess Hotels

The Dominican Republic is an island, which is characterized by having many large and short rivers. These rivers, mangroves, waterfalls and lagoons that are part of the island, act as veins that transport water. The trees that grow thanks to that water, are the muscles that with their roots retain the fertile soil where they can later plant. The characteristic intermittent Caribbean rains work as an automatic irrigation system for both agriculture and livestock of the country. All this is maintained in a delicate balance that allows people on this island, with low income, to feed, drink and move forward.

That is why, now more than ever, the Princess hotels in Punta Cana are getting, both guests and staff, involved in its preservation. Collaborating and understanding the importance of small gestures so that we can reduce the consumption of fresh water and take care, in general, of the water that surrounds by applying measures such as:

  • Taking showers instead of long baths.
  • Making sure that all faucets are closed when they are not being used
  • Avoid washing towels and sheets that do not require it

Of course, on behalf of our hotel we have also involved different departments of our resort so that they can join us in our efforts to keep a policy of responsible water consumption. At  different areas of our operation, we have made important measures to help reduce the consumption of fresh water:

Department of Gardening: One of the departments that has been working harder in this aspect. They follow the protocols of minimum irrigation recommended by the experts to ensure the best use of water and, also, the utilization of recycled water to irrigate the gardens.

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance of the equipment: They know how to perfectly take care of the water so that our clients can enjoy themselves without harming the environment by using more fresh water than necessary.

Maintenance equipment: Quick and effective coordination with our maintenance teams is also an important factor in preserving water. Any problem in a pipe, cistern or tap, results on the waste of many liters of water. The training of our staff, to know how to provide maintenance and rapid response to this type of incidents, is key to reduce water consumption.

The housekeeping department: for both rooms and public areas, they have also been trained to work with great care of our resources. They know the importance of water as well as its responsible use and its maintenance. By not contaminating the water with toxic or harmful products, they contribute  not only to improve its use but also to avoid causing major damages by contaminating other plants and living beings.

At Princess Hotels we also have the honor, and pride, of having a beautiful Dominican mangrove amongst our gardens. A mangrove is a natural system of trees that grow where fresh water and salt water meet. This creates wonderful ecosystems with very particular characteristics, where you can appreciate the roots of these tree. You can also see how they work purifiers to the water around them, a tribute to the natural balance between water and trees. Taking care of our mangroves and seeing our guests learning more about them is a task that we take with pride and satisfaction!

What do you think of our contributions to water protection? Have you done any special action on this special day? Sign up and join the cause!

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