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Punta Cana Vacations
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Punta Cana

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Holidays in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the Dominican Republic's main tourist destination (Caribbean Coast – Greater Antilles) and belongs to the La Altagracia province

Punta Cana - Bávaro is in the east of the country and is the meeting point for the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The region is famous for its tropical beaches and pleasant year-round climate, perfect for vacations, rest and relaxation.

Punta Cana Vacations


The long coastline consists of a number of different areas, even though together they are all known as "Punta Cana". From south to north we have:

Punta Cana - Cabeza de Toro - Bávaro - Macao - Uvero Alto

The region has a private international airport that has become the largest airport in the country by number of passenger arrivals. It is a region that has grown steadily over recent years in both infrastructure and leisure facilities. Above all, the areas of Punta Cana and Bávaro have seen the greatest development, with the creation of a large number of restaurants, shopping centers, residential areas, boutiques, cinemas and golf courses, in addition to hotels.

The new Coral Highway also connects Punta Cana - Bávaro with the capital Santo Domingo, with the 2-hour drive having made communications between the two main economic hubs in the country far easier.

The east coast of the country is practically an uninterrupted stretch of miles of white sand beach consisting of the following areas:

Punta Cana Vacations

  • Juanillo and Playa Blanca: both beaches are located at the southern end of the coast and feature incomparable white sand like flour, a calm turquoise sea, shallow waters and few waves.
  • Cabeza de Toro Beach: up the coast to the north, the next beach area is Cabeza de Toro. This beach is the starting point for local tours and walks and fishing competitions. The sand is a slightly more toasted color and the sea has a hint of emerald tones. In the village you can still see fishermen preparing their boats for the day and local people selling the fresh fish caught that day. It is an area with a lot of local flavor. Another attraction for more adventurous visitors is that along the length of Cabeza de Toro Beach there are several stretches of wild, virgin beach brimming with charm.
  • Bávaro Beach: located in the most developed part of the region, it consists of around 30 miles of coastline with amber-white sand. The sand originally comes from coral, as the beach is protected by an immense and spectacular coral reef that has to be protected by everybody. Most of the 30 miles of beach are perfect for long walks as well as for water sports such as parasailing.

Punta Cana Vacations

  • Macao Beach: the first surprise visitors get is that it is a beach "for the people", full of colorful local beach bars serving fried fish and cold beer. The sand is a more toasted color than in Bávaro and the sea is wilder as it isn’t protected by the coral reef. This makes it perfect for fans of surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. The beach is quite wild in general, and it is also easy to organize buggy and horseback rides. There is an area for swimming, but it’s always best to ask the locals about the currents before going into the sea.
  • Uvero Alto Beach: located in the northernmost part of the "Punta Cana" area, the sand is an intense dark color and the sea is a far more intense green. Remember that as we move up the coast to the north we get nearer to the Atlantic and further away from the Caribbean. Nevertheless, there are still many miles of beautiful, almost untouched beaches with a great sea temperature even in winter. As well as being a far less explored and developed area, it also allows visitors a chance to enjoy wonderful moments of peace and intimacy.

Punta Cana Vacations

Long distance tours:

  • Isla Saona: visit our water sports center and discover the beauty of Isla Saona. This trip can be made with a snorkel or scuba diving for deep-water lovers, ending the day with lunch on a dreamlike beach.
  • Isla Catalina: our water sports center offers one of the most exclusive and enjoyable excursions to this charming island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. You can try either snorkeling or scuba diving, and you will also have the luxury of relaxing on a magnificent private beach where you cannot stop taking photos.
  • Whale-watching: when in season, this is probably one of the most impressive and popular excursions. Don’t forget to ask for more information at our water sports center! Watching whales swimming alongside you is an experience you will never forget.
  • Limón waterfall and Los Haitises national park: in the northeast of the country on the Samaná peninsula, these are two perfect tours for nature lovers.


Punta Cana Vacations

  • Santo Domingo: visit the colonial capital, the first colonial city in the new world. Stroll through its streets and allow yourself to be seduced by its charm. The Plaza Colon, the Cathedral of America, the Alcazar de Colón Museum...


Local activities and tours:

  • Swimming with stingrays and sharks: our water sports center can help you organize this exciting adventure.
  • Dolphins: near our hotels there are a couple of water centers that allow visitors to swim with dolphins in both the pool and the sea.
  • Horse riding: a beautiful opportunity for people who love these majestic animals.
  • Buggies: in our hotels you can find offers for buggy tours of the area. An exciting and fun car in which you can bump and jump on the beach or in the mountains!



Punta Cana Vacations

  • Party Boat: organized by our water sports center, this is a perfect half-day excursion sailing along the Bávaro coast to a natural pool. Enjoy refreshing drinks and Caribbean music, snorkeling and having fun with your friends.
  • Kitesurfing: Our water sports center will accompany you to the best places in the region for kitesurfing.
  • Ojos indígenas Ecological Park: a beautiful walk admiring the beautiful natural scenery and bathing in crystal-clear freshwater lagoons.
  • Golf: our customer service team can help you to book tee-times at any of the golf courses in the area.
  • Jeep safari: an exciting jeep adventure guided tour through the mountains, valleys and fields.
  • Adventure Park: Adventure park in a beautiful natural landscape with bungee jumping, mountain bikes, zipline, climbing, paintball, Segway, swimming pool with waterfall, and much, much more!

Punta Cana is a cultural melting pot with a wide range of different cuisines, a reflection of the different nationalities of visitors and the residents who live happily in this dreamlike area.

Punta Cana Vacations

  • Local and Creole food, typical Dominican cuisine: which brings together Haitian, Spanish and local Taíno traditions, the three cultures that live alongside each other in this beautiful country.
  • Different types of banana: also feature strongly in typical dishes such as “mofongo”, “mangú”, “tostones”, caramelized bananas, stewed bananas ... For the locals, there is a difference between the so-called “guineo” banana (yellow) and what they call “banana” (large and green), and depending on how ripe they are, they are cooked in different ways. The banana is a key ingredient in the Dominican diet and is included in virtually every meal in one way or another.
  • The most common cooking method among the Dominican people is frying or stewing: This means that a large part of the most traditional dishes are fried chicken, pork rinds (fried pork), fried fish, stuffed fried yucca pies, etc. As far as stewing is concerned, there are 3 dishes to highlight: stewed green beans, sancocho (a stew like a soup with lots of ingredients such as banana, different types of meat, corn and vegetables), and goat or shrimp stews that are usually cooked with coconut milk and fresh vegetables.

Punta Cana Vacations

  • You cannot talk about Dominican food without mentioning rice, the basis of all its cuisine: and served as an accompaniment to almost any dish. White rice cooked in large pots in the traditional Dominican style usually creates a crunchy layer called the "concón". Many people consider this a major part of the heritage of Dominican cuisine. This thin and crunchy layer of rice can be eaten alone or as a side dish, and if it is the right shape, it can also be filled with other ingredients.
  • And we must also not forget the national dish, “La Bandera” (The Flag): consisting of white rice and green beans cooked in a sauce with beef or chicken. Although these are the basic ingredients of an authentic Bandera, little by little over time people have begun to add "extras" such as a bit of avocado, some croutons or some of the crunchy “concón” in the rice.
  • As we mentioned at the beginning, the Bávaro Punta Cana area is renowned for its extensive choice of dining options due to the variety of nationalities that live in and visit the region, cuisine and products from Italy, Spain, the USA, France... and even from India! Catering to all tastes and needs.

There are a number of different ways to get from Punta Cana airport to our hotels:

Punta Cana Vacations

  • Check the package you booked: if you have booked a package vacation, check whether the transfer service is included or not.
  • Transfer: there are some local transfer companies that you can contact to organize a pick-up service and take you back to the airport at the end of your visit. That way, you only have to look for the person with your name on their board when you arrive.
  • Taxi: sometimes transfers are not included, and you might need a taxi. Taxis can be hired at Punta Cana airport. If you need help, there is also a customer service area where you can get information and advice. Punta Cana offers many perfectly reliable and responsible companies providing this service, with fixed rates that you can ask about if you have any doubts before you even get into the taxi.
  • Car rental: at Punta Cana airport there is a pick-up and drop-off point for vehicles offered by all the most important local and international rent-a-car companies, including vehicles of different sizes and models to meet all the needs you might have.

Before traveling to Punta Cana, bear in mind these tips and suggestions:

Punta Cana Vacations

  • The standard electric current is 110V and the plugs are like in the United States (flat plug)
  • On arrival you have to pay US$ 10 per person for a tourist card.
  • On departure you also have to pay a fee of US$ 20 per person.
  • In Punta Cana you can buy things in Dominican pesos. Credit cards are accepted in many places. Although exchange rates are not usually the official one, purchases can be also made in US dollars.
  • You are traveling to a tropical area with a great climate all year round, so you don’t need a coat. However, at night (after spending the day in the sun) in air-conditioned areas you might like to have a light jacket at hand.
  • It is a wet and very green area, so you might like to have mosquito repellent at hand. At dusk and dawn we recommended you cover up your arms and legs, and also avoid very sweet perfumes or lotions that might attract them.


Punta Cana Vacations

  • Rain is difficult to predict; the weather can change very quickly. It can be sunny one minute, then rain for 5 minutes, and then the sun comes out again.
  • Clothes take time to dry, so it’s a good idea to take more than one swimsuit.
  • The tropical ecosystem around us is very delicate, so it is important to try to minimize our impact and take maximum care of the environment. Not just respecting the beach and not leaving garbage, but also respecting the bans on lobster and queen conch captures and not taking coral from the sea. It’s everyone's duty to preserve and protect the natural environment that surrounds us!
  • Don’t forget to check your passport before traveling.
  • You can’t leave the country without having tried a cold Cerveza Presidente beer!


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