(English) Whale season in the Dominican Republic

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They’re here! They’ve arrived! Just as they do every year, the magnificent humpback whales have come to visit us again in the beautiful peninsula of Samaná in the Dominican Republic.

Every year between January and March, huge pods of humpback whales come to reproduce or give birth in the warm waters in the northeast of the country. Baby whales only have a thin layer of fat and could not survive in colder waters, which is why they stay here for a while, swimming off the coast until they are ready to leave.

At Princess hotels in Punta Cana we are fortunate to have a team of professional Sea Pro Divers in our water sports centers to help organize wonderful and responsible trips to the Banco de la Plata, a sanctuary for the whales and a place to see mother whales playing with their babies.

You can witness the love songs of the male whales and their acrobatic movements as they seek a female. If you are thinking of spending a romantic vacation in Punta Cana, Princess Hotels offers discounts of between 30% and 50% to help you enjoy your special occasion. It’s time for you to enjoy an unforgettable experience and to discover in Punta Cana a different type of landscape to what you are used to. An amazing natural adventure.

As we have seen and heard, at the Tropical Princess children are fascinated by the whales, their amazing leaps and their immense bodies as they come near the ships. And so they should be. The whales make an extraordinary trip, practically without any food, from the seas of Iceland, Canada, and North America to the Dominican coast, where they give birth to baby whales conceived in the same waters. Pregnancies can last 12 months!

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Humpback whales are one of the larger whale species. They measure around 15 meters in length and weigh 40 tons on average. They make anything that comes near them look incredibly small. They are marine mammals that breathe air, and so have to come up to the surface regularly to breathe, allowing themselves to be seen. They hold their breath for about twenty minutes on average, but can stay under water for up to forty minutes if needed. It’s an authentic zoology lesson for guests which helps them understand and appreciate the magnificence of the natural world around us!

Males are extremely competitive, as seducing females can be a complicated task, considering that they can hear a male from 35 kilometers away! In fact, marine biologists who have been doing research in the area saw a female being courted by 25 males … a seductress indeed!

All of this activity and excursions are strictly regulated by the authorities, and can only be booked through professional companies that have the licenses and knowledge necessary to ensure that this stunning visit does not Interfere with the whales and their lifecycle. If you have any questions, the team at our Bavaro Princess, Punta Cana Princess and Caribe Princess would be delighted to help and advise you. In addition to our water sports centers, all our hotels in the Dominican Republic also provide customer service to help you organize a tour responsibly.

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