The Top 5 Best Beaches in Dominican Republic

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When we think about the Caribbean, or the Dominican Republic… the first thing that comes to mind is its paradisiacal tropical beaches! It’s normal, because we also think that the best beaches are in Dominican Republic, hiding beautiful corners recognized around the world through images and awards.

To choose the best beach from the wide selection in the Dominican Republic is almost impossible, but we would like to show you our selection together with the characteristics and curiosities. We invite you to visit this lovely country. Maybe then you can explain to us which one was your favourite.

Best beaches in Dominican Republic, between Two Seas

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

The first thing you see is that this beautiful country is bathed by two seas: in the north we have the majestic Atlantic Ocean and in south the warm Caribbean Sea. Mona passage is the point of union and bathes the Bavaro tourist coast with Punta Cana. Obviously, their beaches are as different as its water borders.

North, Atlantic Ocean

The further north we go the more we enter the Atlantic Ocean area. The mountainous geography of the island in the north, creates spectacular mountains falling practically direct to the sea, and as a result:

  • Small beaches
  • Hidden coves
  • Beautiful cliffs where the Atlantic Ocean waves collide

From the Samana peninsula to Puerto Plata innumerable beaches fight to be the prettiest: some more known than others, some are quieter, and others are more open to the ocean… Maybe Las Terrenas is the prettiest? Or Rincón Bay? What about Punta Rucia? It will be difficult to decide…

South, the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean with it’s warmer temperature is also very salty and bathes the Island of Hispaniola, and the Islands of Catalina and Saona, both protected natural reserves. Catalina and Saona are two of the most visited places by tourists. Their beaches are photographed thousands of times a day because of their extraordinary natural beauty. The natural pool in Dominicus is a starfish sanctuary, surrounded by palms that want to touch the sky and a blue transparent sea. Awesome beaches at southwest, Aguilas Bay, Barahona, Pedernales… they are:

  • Almost unexplored beaches
  • Almost deserted beaches
  • Unimaginable beauty
  • Only for adventure lovers

Punta Cana zone, Bavaro

On the southeast of the country, bathed by the Mona Passage, where the Atlantic Ocean merges with the Caribbean you can find the most touristic point in the Dominican Republic. With its 50 km of coastline you can find different beaches, tones and textures of sand, and varied seas: From more open beaches, with waves, and toasted sand, to white sandy beaches with transparent blue waters. This beauty is located only 30 minutes in a car from our hotels in Punta Cana!

Probably this diversity is due not only to the location between these two powerful seas, but also to the coral barriers that outline some of the kilometers of our coast. This leaves some areas more protected, and others more open, some with sands of more coral origin and other beaches with sands of more mineral origin.

See below our top 5 best beaches in Dominican Republic:


5. Playa Cabeza de Toro

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

A quiet beach, approximately fifteen minutes from the hotels. It’s located near a fishing village, surrounded by mangroves and a huge lagoon. We highlight:

  • It has small businesses and restaurants where you can buy souvenirs, handicrafts or eat a delicious fish.
  • It offers sandy areas in the water, creating natural calm water pools.
  • On its coast you can find different activities such swimming with dolphins, sharks, snorkeling or water sports.

You can enjoy one of the best beaches in Dominican Republic, enjoying the sun and the sea!

4. Playa Macao

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

Following the coastline, this is a beach a little further north from our hotels. It is striking how the tone of the sand changes, a little more toasted, precious, surrounded by coconut trees and native nature.

  • The beach is open, wild and you can do buggy excursions, quads, ride a horse
  • You can also practice water sports like surf or kitesurf. This beach has characteristic waves that make it perfect to practice these sports.
  • For lovers of a quieter plan it is also typical to eat some delicious fish in one of the local stands on the beach.  

3. Playa Bavaro

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

Kilometers of soft sand, coconut trees and emerald water. Probably the best known beach in the country! Without a doubt, it has to be in our best beaches ranking for the Dominican Republic. This is where most of the hotels are located. If you are a lover of eternal walks on the beach, or you like to run at dawn on the sand at the edge of the sea … This is your beach!  

It’s a beach that surprises you whether you discover its coastline from a boat or by helicopter. You can get all the information you need in the hotel about how to discover these different activities. Check out these fabulous views that you will never forget!

2. Playa Blanca

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

Blanca Beach is the original Punta Cana, one of the best beaches in Dominican Republic:

  • Its white sand is like flour and its transparent blue water will surprise you
  • It has a pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy a wonderful beach day
  • There are a kitesurf school for the most sporty

This beach is the perfect complement for the Nativa Ojos Natural Park excursion. First you walk through the beautiful park and fresh water lagoons full of fish and turtles. You can bathe and enjoy the natural beauty environment that surrounds you. After this experience, complete your day at Playa Blanca, it is shallow and practically without waves. The cozy restaurant, offers meals, drinks, and a sunbed service to make you comfortable on the sand.

1. Playa Juanillo

Mejores playas de Republica Dominicana

Probably the most striking beach in the area! It has a fine sand that seems like icing sugar, a transparent shallow turquoise sea and some restaurants on the beach. You can visit this beach by car or in one of the excursions that include this beach in their activities.

The Blue Hole: It’s a freshwater cenote in the same area. This cenote attracts attention because of its characteristic intense blue colour, due to minerals in the water.

If you love beaches, the sea, and nice weather all the year, you should visit this paradise! Our number 1 in the best beaches ranking in the Dominican Republic!

Which one is your favourite? Do you know other beaches for the ranking? We invite you to share your comments with us!

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