Discover the fascinating world of Whales in the Dominican Republic

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Delve into the world of Whales in the Dominican Republic… In the winter season, the northern coasts of the Dominican Republic are visited by some of the most well-known sea mammals in the world: the wonderful humpback whales.

Why will you see Whales in the Dominican Republic?

These formidable cetaceans come to the area of Samaná to breed and give birth. The water is warm and shallow, which is the perfect place for calves to safely spend the first weeks of their lives. A whale’s pregnancy lasts 1 year, which is why these waters are often the backdrop to both a whale’s conception and birth.

Even though these enormous mammals do not pose a direct threat to man, it is important to understand they are going through a delicate moment: they are taking care of their babies. That is why the Dominican government and the ministry of Environment pay special attention to the trips carried out on these dates. The goal is for people and animals to not harm one another.

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Do you want to go on a trip to see Whales in the Dominican Republic?

It is important to know that these trips are possible but limited in number. You can book them at our Princess hotels in Punta Cana through our water sports centre Sea Pro. Don’t hesitate to contact them to prepare your adventure. They will tell you what to bring, from sunscreen to a photo camera.

An exciting day trip departing from the hotel early in the morning and returning in the evening. The trips usually include transport, the ship that takes you to see the whales and lunch. Some trips also include a stop in the heavenly Cayo Levantado beach, in the heart of the Bay of Samaná. Though the goal is to go whale watching, we also recommend you enjoy the journey and admire the changing landscapes. The differences between Bávaro and the north-eastern part of the country are stunning:

  • The mountains almost reach the sea

  • The colour of the sea changes

  • The sand on the beaches is different

  • The lush vegetation throughout is beautiful

It is an activity we recommend for people of all ages. Keep in mind you might feel seasick. If you think you will, we recommend you take a pill for sea sickness in advance. There is a moment when the boat’s engines turn off as it approaches the whales, causing some light rocking. However, the moment you see the whales jumping, the calves playing and the water spouting from their blowholes, we are sure any amount of sea sickness will have been worth it!

Can I swim with whales in the Dominican Republic?

Many people ask us whether it is possible to swim with whales. No, it is not allowed. Remember these whales are going through a very delicate moment of their lives. The mothers are taking care of their young and for the safety of all we must make sure not to disturb them, swim next to them or dive among them. This activity can only be conducted by licensed experts and specialists as part of their research or investigations.

Would you like to see whales in the Dominican Republic? Come discover the Dominican Republic!

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