Things to do in Gran Canaria: Teror & Finca de Osorio

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Discover Teror, one of the oldest and most beautiful villages in Gran Canaria. Cobblestone streets, lush green patios and typical Canarian houses with traditional wooden balconies await you!

The island’s patron saint, the Lady of the Pine can be found at the basilica of Teror. According to legend on September 8th at the end of the 15th century, the Virgin Mary appeared high up in a pine tree where the church of Teror now stands.

Nowadays this tree can’t be marveled at anymore, because days of severe weather destroyed the Pino de las Maravillas, the so called “Wonder Pine”, in 1684.

In 1607 the first Bajada de la Virgen del Pino took place where the image of the virgin was carried down to the island’s capital. Over the years Teror became a place of pilgrimage and every year on September 8th, Gran Canaria celebrates the Fiesta del Pino, the most important holiday of the island.

The surroundings of the beautiful church were also declared historical-artistic heritage. Have a look at historic mansions such as the Casa de los Patrones, that is home to a museum now or the Plaza de Teresa Bolívar. Worth seeing is also the Cistercian monastery where the members of the order live and which is famous for its sweets.


When in Teror you just have to visit it’s outdoor market. It’s one of the oldest markets on the island, dating back more than 200 years. The stalls are located around the church and the Plaza de Sintes. The market opens every Sunday from 09.00 am to 03:00 pm offering local fruits, vegetables, tradional pastries, a wide choice of cheese, different bread types as well as Teror’s famous Chorizo and Morcilla Dulce (a sweet blood sausage). Furthermore you can buy crafts, clothes and religious artifacts there.

Just 2 km away from Teror‘s historic centre there’s the Finca de Osorio, a country estate nestled amidst 207 hectares of parkland. Here you can find one of Europe’s few remaining laurel forests. The enclosure is part of the mythical park Parque Rural de Doramas, one of the island’s most important forests. The trails running through the estate are lined with trees from Europe or Latin America. Kids will just love the barn belonging to the Finca with the famous Canarian black pigs, cows and sheep.

Just recently the Finca de Osorio became famous, as the set of the movie Palm trees in the Snow, featuring Mario Casas, Berta Vázquez and Adriana Ugarte.

The Finca de Osorio can be visited from Monday to Sunday, 09:00 am – 05:00 pm. Guided tours around the estate and the villa are also available. All visitors must register via email before visiting the Finca de Osorio: [email protected]

We recommend hiring a car for a day when exploring Teror and its surroundings. From the south of the island it’s a 53 minute drive to the beautiful mountain village. For more information about the route, click here. And the Finca de Osorio is only 11 minutes away from Teror. You can find directions here.

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