Donate school supplies in El Pedregal by Princess Hotels in Riviera Maya

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What was done during the donate school supplies?

On August 24, our staff left the Grand Riviera Princess very early heading towards a school located in El Pedregal, Cancun. This school harbors the education of many children, of different ages, that have one thing in common: lack of school supplies.

Throughout the morning, the “Dame Una Mano” (Give me a Hand) Team – formed by our staff – interacted in different recreational and educational activities with the kids which left  everyone present with a contagious smile full joy and happiness.

The most exciting aspect of the donate school supplies campaign was the delivery of the school material that was collected for the last 3 months! These donations were made either by our team, hotel staff and, of course, the beloved guests of our hotels in the Mayan Riviera.



What were the objectives of the Donate school supplies?

niñas con utiles escolares

The main objective of the “Dame a Mano” initiative is to help children gather the necessary school supplies they need for a good education. To do this, we have been collecting school supplies for the past 3 months in all of the hotels in the Mayan Riviera. These donations were delivered by:

Hotel staff: they always give the necessary support for solidarity purposes

Our amazing guests: an indispensable support that has increased, with time, their indispensable participation in all of “Dame una Mano” initiatives.

Environmental awareness was also one of the objectives of our visit. We believe it is important that children are educated and aware of what needs to be done to care and protect  the environment.

And, of course, for fun!
Our Dame Una Mano team loves to play with children so  we always include games and activities so that children can have fun in our visits.



How can you collaborate with Dame una Mano?

niños alegres el pedregal

Princess Hotels & Resorts collaborates with the organization Pack for a Purpose,  that has collected more than 50,000 kilos of basic materials in more than 60 countries since its existence.

This organization invites guests from all over the world to take advantage of the free space on their packed travel bags and include basic supplies (toys, clothes, shoes)  and/or school supplies that can serve communities in need.

 Each and every one of our guests can be part of our initiative thus generating a positive impact on their vacations and, also, be part of the change we want to see in the World.

At the Grand Riviera Princess and Grand Sunset Princess lobbies, our guests can find the Pack for a Purpose Containers where they can leave their donations.  This donations are later organized and stored by the Dame Una Mano team until the day of the donation.

 We invite all our future guests to participate in our initiatives so that we can continue to generate a positive impact in the local communities and to keep on sharing smiles among the children of Riviera Maya.



What is Dame Una Mano (Give me a Hand)?

jugando en el pedregal

Dame Una Mano is the name of the project and, also, part of our collaboration with Pack for a Purpose. It is part of our commitment with the environment, the local communities and the sustainable development of our region.

To fulfill this commitment, we develop solidarity projects  such as the donate school supplies so that we can continue to help the little ones, who are the most vulnerable and most in need of support.

We believe in the importance of our efforts and we witness the joy that our initiatives in each and every visit you make.

Education, entertainment and healthcare are the essential pillars of the development of a child  and, also, the one’s that guide Dame Una Mano projects.


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