10 reasons to go to Caribbean Resorts

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Nowadays the synonym for perfect and carefree vacations is: All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts. An unforgettable experience that you must live at least once in a lifetime! They are very much prepared to satisfy different audiences and markets. The All-Inclusive resorts are one of the best options when choosing the perfect vacation plan either with family, couple or with friends.

The Caribbean is a dazzling tropical destination for travelers from all over the world who have had the good fortune to witness the imposing beauty of its beaches and landscapes. Here are 10 reasons why you should stay at a resort in the Caribbean:


1. Summer all year

Razones para ir al Caribe

The wonderful and constant warm climate of the Caribbean, even in winter, makes it the ideal destination no matter which month you choose. Either for golf lovers, water sports enthusiasts, or simply if you are looking for a good reading under an umbrella you should not wait for the summer period to enjoy your dream vacation. The only thing you have to worry about is always having your sunscreen  on hand, no matter the month, so you can always be ready for the next getaway. Stay at one of our Resorts in the Caribbean and enjoy a tropical climate all year round!


2. All Inclusive, no worries about extras

Razones para ir al Caribe

It is the most obvious and clear advantage of choosing to spend your vacation at a resort in the all inclusive Caribbean. You can spend all day, even the whole week, enjoying a wide gastronomic offer; the best cocktails and appreciate various music and theater shows without having to pick up your wallet not even once.


3. You will be the Star of Instagram

Razones para ir al Caribe

This is the perfect occasion to add to your Instagram profile exotic and unforgettable photos that will  be the envy of all your followers. A couples photo in the Jacuzzi, a selfie showing off your perfect tan line or a great photo of the delicious dessert you just ate … give your imagination rein and start collecting unforgettable moments on our Caribbean Resorts!


4. Everything close to you in the Caribbean paradise

Razones para ir al Caribe

Don’t you worry about a thing, you have everything at hand in a Caribbean resort. From the restaurants, to the room, the fun, the beach and the pool … it couldn’t be any more comfortable and accessible! There will be no more fights over what to do, when or how, because everyone has a place for themselves. Everyone can meet later to explain how their day was, from the oldest to the youngest, both the young spirited and romantic … On the beachfront and with facilities that include, gym, spa, events and weddings, or even meeting rooms. Everything is close, everything is comfortable and anything you need can be accomplished with a simple phone call from the comfort of your room. You will forget all about traffic, stress, pollution and, most important,  the alarm clock!


5. Take care of yourself, from head to toe

Razones para ir al Caribe

There are literally thousands of square meters dedicated to the body and mind within a complex resort in the Caribbean. Enjoy endless spa sessions and all kinds of treatments. The Spa is the perfect opportunity for you to pamper yourself and focus all your attention on your body and soul! You can try the look you’ve wanted for years with the help of expert estheticians and hairdressers or simply enjoy a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


6. The paradise of Ron and Bachata

Razones para ir al Caribe

The colors of the Caribbean are intermingled in our tropical gardens to the rhythm of bachata and merengue, which our animation team will teach you to dance with pleasure. And to give you more Dominican flavor, our bars will give you a taste the excellence of drinks,  the amber liquid of the island…the authentic Dominican rum! Made with local sugar cane, it has a special taste when drank with the sea breeze and the soft murmur of the palm trees …


7. A Gastronomic trip around the world, without leaving the same place

Razones para ir al Caribe

We all know that one of the main problems of family vacations is choosing a place to eat that pleases everyone. But in an “all-inclusive” Caribbean resort, that problem disappears. Every time your stomach growls you will have a lot to choose from: a wide variety of dishes fill with joy all the members of your family.


8. Nature in its purest state

Razones para ir al Caribe

If there is something that characterizes the Princess hotels in the Dominican Republic, it’s their perfect integration with the natural environment that surrounds them: mangroves, native flora and fauna  ready for you to enjoy, walk and learn all about the big and the small, both new birds and new flowers … Our tropical gardens hide a true Dominican mangrove, a small ecosystem to enjoy. Also for all the sea lovers, our coast is protected by a beautiful coral reef that hides true treasures under  its waves. Peacocks, flamingos or ducks, stroll their plumage with pride and coquetry that will make your vacations unforgettable.


9. Create memories

Razones para ir al Caribe

Ask any frequent visitor to a resort and he will tell you that it is the perfect place to create family memories. Teach your children to swim for the first time; the first night out for a teenager; a romantic dinner on the beach; etc. The moments and opportunities to create memories multiply in such a magical place like the Caribbean and you only have to take advantage and celebrate the best of life.


10. Comfort for everyone

Razones para ir al Caribe

From the most sleepy, to the most sweet, we have thought of everything; a wide gastronomic offer with national and international dishes that will allow your palate to travel without leaving the same place; a mini children’s club thinking about the kids in the house so that they can also find their time of recreation, make new friends and learn new games, sports …
Traveling with the Family has never been this easy, with moments to be together and moments for everyone to find its place. Mom can enjoy in the spa while Dad will be reading on the beach and the kids painting with their fingers outdoors.  Isn’t this a great plan for a holiday afternoon? Sun lounger, umbrella and towel service on the beach and in the pool, for the comfort of all, from those who prefer sunbathing, to those who like to make castles in the sand. Of course, everyone should take photos and share them with us to enjoy their best moments at Caribbean resorts.

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