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Are you wondering what Fall is like in the Caribbean? With the arrival of September, children from all over the world go back to classes for the start of a new school year.

The  Caribbean also renews itself and shows its quieter side to all of its visitors. In this time of the year you can enjoy paradise, without so many people, but with the same charm and beauty!

The temperature and humidity drop a bit while keeping the warm weather that attracts millions of guests from all corners of the world to the beaches. At the end of the afternoon, you feel a fresh and shining sea breeze that transforms the sunset into a unique and unforgettable moment. All of this makes Autumn a great time to visit the Caribbean and to extend your summer tan!


What are the best places to go to the Caribbean in the fall?

 Fall in the Caribbean is the ideal destination for all those seeking privacy, service and exclusivity during their vacations. Do you want to know the best destinations for your Caribbean vacation in the Autumn? Here we present our proposal: Punta Cana and Riviera Maya!


The Fall in the Caribbean of Riviera Maya


The moderate temperature that is felt in Fall in the Caribbean (between 27ºC and 32ºC) invites you to spend all day in the pool enjoying refreshing drinks and creating the perfect tan.

The Autumn in the Caribbean of Riviera Maya hosts one of the most important and renowned events of the year: The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival that takes place in September at Mamitas Beach located on Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen. For 3 days, visitors from all corners of the world can enjoy music and parties with the performances of artists from around the world.

With the arrival of the Fall, the locals also begin to prepare their altars and catrinas (painted skulls) for one of the most famous Mexican fiestas: El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

On October 31, the Mayan Riviera is filled with decorations alluding to the festival as well as altars, typical cuisine and, of course, thousands of people who disguise themselves rigorously to enjoy this highly esteemed popular Celebration.

The Fall, which means “The Fullness of the Year”, is for all of this reasons a perfect time for you to visit the Mayan Riviera and enjoy the charm of this beautiful region.


3 reasons to visit the Mayan Riviera in Autumn

  1. Tourist attractions without agglomerations


One of the main advantages of visiting the Mayan Riviera in the Fall is that most of the popular tourist attractions have less daily visitors thus making it more comfortable and pleasant to visit them.
For all nature and outdoor activities lovers, Xcaret and Xel-Há are the ideal destinations. You can enjoy cenotes, rivers, shows of traditional Mexican dances, zip lines, among many other activities that we are sure that you will love!


  1. Day of the Dead, the most characteristic festivity of Mexico


The Mayan Riviera Autumn is also synonymous with the Day of the Dead, the most characteristic holiday in Mexico!

While vacationing at Playa del Carmen in the Fall you will have the opportunity to observe, learn and enjoy the Day of the Dead Festival. The festival takes over the city from October 31 until November 2.  Facial paintings alluding to the Catrinas (skulls), parades of costumes on Quinta Avenida and traditional gastronomy of the Day of the Dead will leave an unforgettable memory in you.

 It is also an excellent opportunity to visit the famous Mayan ruins Chichen Itza.
If you love ancient history and want to witness the wonderful Mayan creations, we suggest you to visit Chichén Itzá at the Fall Equinox. You will have the opportunity to view the famous Feathered Serpent!


  1. Jazz Festival of Playa del Carmen


Enjoy the Fall in the Caribbean of the Mayan Riviera with the prestigious Jazz Festival of Playa del Carmen. Every year, international artists land in Playa del Carmen for one of the most renowned Jazz Festivals around the world. During the course of three nights, you can enjoy great music with ,your feet in the sand, of an incredible musical show that has hosted important names such as: Earth, Wind & Fire; Herbie Hancock; Bobby McFerrin etc.


The fall in the Caribbean of Punta Cana


Dominican Republic, is without a doubt one of the favorite destinations when choosing an autumn break. A destination of light, colors and sun, that does not go out when the fall arrives where not even the trees stop looking beautiful upon your arrival. A feeling of eternal summer invades every corner of the Dominican Caribbean!

It offers a multitude of activities that can be performed both inside and outside the Princess Punta Cana hotels. A destination that is adapted to all the needs of our visitors, from those seeking an adventure experience, to lovers of relax in the sun  or those who just want to enjoy a few days of a family vacation.

It is not surprising that many tourists decide that this is the perfect time to visit the wild beaches of Samaná, the first city in America – Santo Domingo – or to enjoy the tropical and postcard-worthy beaches of Isla Saona.

The rich Dominican cuisine also deserves a separate mention. With constant temperatures, we can enjoy their delicious dishes throughout the year. You will not have to wait for specific times to enjoy their rich stews or fresh fish.

The warmth of its people and the magic of the Dominican smile will conquer you straight from your arrival!


3 reasons to visit the Mayan Riviera in Autumn

  1. Perfect water temperature for water sports


The water temperature is perfect fun and exciting water sports such as diving or sailing. There is a wide range of water activities you can experience, either at the snorkel diving spots near the hotel or within a fun full day excursion.

This season is highly recommended for those who begin to practice these underwater adventures as it is a time of special magic at the bottom of the sea.
The waters are still very pleasant and the density of divers less, so that you can enjoy almost privately the seabed and coral reef.


  1. Enjoy the golf courses with perfect weather


The numerous golf courses under a sun, not so stifling, and the sea breeze make fall in the Caribbean the perfect time for the practice of such a noble sport.
The days are longer but temperatures are more bearable than summer.

Our customer service staff will help you book the golf course you want so that you can spend a pleasant day on the green.
Just remember, do not forget to wear sunscreen because, even in the Fall, the sun still is a protagonist at Punta Cana.


  1. More tranquility and better prices


The end of the summer vacations means that you can find the  freest and clearest destination, even in a time of great deals. A getaway in an all-inclusive resort make planning easier, you can even improvise, because once at the Princess hotels, we take care of all the fun, relaxation and disconnection you need at any of our 4 complete resorts.

Our complete facilities and variety of rooms are able to adapt to different needs of different guests. Romantic honeymoon suites for couples or a cheerful mini-club for the little ones on the beach. Pools, restaurants, spa, and endless surprises that hope to brighten your Fall in the Caribbean!


Do you feel like sharing your doubts with us? What do you think about the idea of ​​traveling to the Caribbean in the Fall? Have you visited any of these destinations in the Autumn? Do you propose another ideal destination to travel to the Caribbean in the Fall? Write us a comment!

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