Dominican Independence Day by Princess Hotels

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Do you want to know how do dominicans celebrate the day of Dominican independence? February is considered the month of the Dominican carnival: every weekend of February carnivals are celebrated around the different Dominican provinces. However, there is one day of the month that shines even more than the carnival, it is February 27: Dominican Independence Day.


How is the atmosphere in the Dominican streets on Independence Day?

Drums, comparsas and vigorous melodies are heard in all the streets of the country. Among traditional costumes of the devil Cajuelo, calife or “steal the chicken”, who dance in an extravagant way. Beating with a throbbing of his own on February 27, a national holiday that commemorates the independence of the Dominican Republic over Haitian domination in 1844.

On February 27, the celebrations of the independence day are combined with the official celebrations of the carnival, which makes it a doubly festive and joyful day. In the heart of that carnival atmosphere, a memory, a moment, a flag, a day of national pride,  to honor the founding fathers of the country, Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramón Marías Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez. Also to all those who bravely fought to become independent of who is now their neighbor on the island: Haiti.

  • On the streets there are Military Parades of the  Security forces, the Air Force, National Police, National Army, Armed Forces and Navy.
  • Floral offerings are made and tributes are paid on the altar of the homeland.
  • Masses are held in different parts of the country on the occasion of this national holiday, probably the most important in the country.


What does the Dominican flag symbolize?

Here we explain the symbolism of the colors of the Dominican Flag:


  • Vermilion Red: represents the blood shed by patriots in battles to achieve independence from the country.
  • Overseas blue: symbolizes the sky that covers the homeland and from which God protects and cares for the nation and the ideals of the Dominicans.
  • White: represents peace and union among the Dominican people.
  • In the center of the flag is the Dominican coat of arms in which the open bible in the Gospel of St. John stands out.


* It is the only country in the world in which the bible is on its shield, an element of pride among the Dominican nation.


How is Dominican Independence Day in Princess hotels?

At the Princess hotels in the Dominican Republic, we celebrate our independence day along with Carnival on February 27. Our hotels are filled with music, color and our Dominican flag!

Our entertainment team prepares colorful activities, games, parades and music with fun costumes. They fly the flags around the hotel and pay tribute to Dominican food in our buffets.

It is certainly a day in which all our customers enjoy, have fun and learn a little more about Dominican history and traditions. A day of color and joy where customers who wish may be part of the parades. Each hotel impregnates each of the celebrations with its characteristic spirit, in a fun and great way! We invite you to share Dominican Independence Day with us!

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