5 must-see Tenerife viewpoints

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Panoramic view of Teide from Ortuño viewpoint

Do you know which amazing Tenerife viewpoints are the island’s most impressive? We’ve put together a list for you, so you can make sure you include them when you come to the island.

It’s a big island, the largest of the Canaries, and these top spots are dotted from the north down to the south. And as it’s the month of love, with Valentine’s Day all around us, we should probably point out what a romantic date these Tenerife viewpoints make! Come with your partner and you’ll see the best views of the island from different points, each one capturing the beauty and diversity this Canary Island is brimming with.


North Tenerife viewpoints

The north of Tenerife is all about green forests and lush scenery. Anaga Rural Park makes this landscape worth the wait, and you can see it from any of the viewpoints you’ll find on this part of the island. Read on and find out where you can snap the best photos and take in the magnificent landscape.


Ortuño viewpoint is a must when you’re climbing (or coming down) Teide, along the island’s mountainous backbone. Our tip? Take a break there at the end of the day, and you’re guaranteed a film-worthy sunset. It’s the perfect place to see the sun dip down with Teide – Spain’s highest mountain – as a stunning backdrop. You’ll see the sky flooded with pinks, purples and oranges. It’ll make for an unbeatable photo to bring back memories of your holiday. And because you’re so high up, you’ll be able to see another natural phenomenon: the sea of clouds. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air when you see this thick white sea at your feet. It’s one of the photos everyone wants to get when they visit the island. A phenomenon that’ll amaze anyone, whatever their age.


View from Chipeque del Teide viewpoint

You’ll find this viewpoint in the north of Tenerife – on a natural terrace with a broad esplanade – the perfect place to see Teide in all its majesty and the sea of clouds forming over La Orotava valley. And if you’re lucky enough to visit on a day with good visibility, you’ll see the distinctive silhouette of the island of La Palma.

If the sea of clouds isn’t there on the day you visit, no problem! You’ll get to see the immense treasure hidden below: a beautiful valley stretching down to sea level, dotted with little houses forming neighbourhoods and villages around La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz.


View from Cruz del Carmen viewpoint

This is one for the adventurous. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Anaga Rural Park laurel forest and you’ll find a viewpoint that gives you a spectacular view from on high, of the city of La Laguna and the surrounding lowlands.

The walk to the viewpoint is worth the trip too. You’ll be surrounded by the lush forest, with strange twisted trunks forming curious tunnels that’ll take you to your destination.


South Tenerife viewpoints

From the north, let’s head to where the green mountains blend with the cliffs, with the Atlantic Ocean splashing below. The great thing about a larger island like Tenerife is the hugely diverse landscapes: there’s something for everyone. Let’s head south and take a look at the viewpoints – you couldn’t fail to be impressed by their sheer beauty.


View of Las Gigantes cliffs from Archipenque viewpoint

As you go down the winding road that leads to Puerto Santiago, you’ll come to a bend where you’ll find Archipenque viewpoint, with impressive views of Los Gigantes cliffs in the background. It’s the ideal place to snap a photo or just marvel at the wonder of nature. This south Tenerife viewpoint comes with a bonus – you’ll find signs with information on the cliffs’ origins and all the marine species that inhabit this part of the coast, like short-finned pilot whales, dolphins and whales. From this one, you’ll be able to see a beautiful sunset with the island of La Gomera in the background.



View of the landscape view from Altos de Baracán viewpoint

This viewpoint is in a key location of the island: it’s where you can see the change in climate between the north and the south of Tenerife. Located at 800 metres above sea level, you’ll notice a point on the road where the curve widens, connecting El Palmar valley with the hamlet of Masca gorge. It gives you a panoramic view of Barranco de Los Carrizales canyon, El Palmar mountain and the valley, bursting with vegetation. It also gives you a glimpse of the island of La Gomera, emerging from the sea.


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