Where to dive in Tenerife?

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If you are a diving enthusiast and want to live a unique experience, we invite you to come and immerse yourself into Tenerife’s crystal-clear waters and be surprised by the great volcanic profile of its seabed.

The warm weather of the island, with an average temperature of 25 ºC in summer, allows the practice of this activity all year round. You will find more than thirty diving spots along the coast, ideal for diving enthusiasts and for beginners seeking an initiation into this thrilling world. Water temperature varies between 18 °C in winter and 24 °C in summer, with visibility generally reaching 30 meters.

What is more, the marine flora and fauna is spectacular and is no doubt one of the charms of Tenerife’s waters. You can find turtles, starfishes, sponges, hammerhead sharks, and barracudas, among others.

Are you ready for your next dive?

Montaña Amarilla

  • Where is it and how to reach it: located south of the island, in the municipality of Arona, about a mile and a half from Las Galletas marina.
  • Water temperature: this diving spot has an average temperature of 23 °C.
  • Difficulty level: with an average depth of 15 meters and a maximum depth of 25, this dive can be accomplished by divers with different levels of experience.
  • Species you may find: cuttlefish, stingrays, eels, and garden eels can be found in sandy spots. Rocky patches are the home of morays, European lobsters, crabs and arrow crabs. And in the vicinity you will find trumpetfishes, parrotfishes, alfonsinos, ornate wrasses, white seabreams and yellowfin drums.

Punta Rasca lighthouse

  • Where is it and how to reach it: located between the municipalities of Las Galletas and Los Cristianos, the most common way to get to Rasca’s Lighthouse is taking a short 10 min boat trip from Las Galletas harbor.
  • Water temperature: around 22 °C.
  • Difficulty level: for all levels of experience. A descent ranging from 8 to 25 meters, ideal to appreciate its volcanic underwater architecture.
  • Species you may find: divers can enjoy the company of shoals of yellowfin drums, gliding over the sandy zones and over corvinas and angel sharks. Among the rocks, you may even discern some orange roughy with their thin tentacles.

La Catedral

  • Where is it and how to reach it: 5 minutes away by boat from Puerto de la Cruz, on Tenerife’s north coast.
  • Water temperature: between 21 and 24 °C.
  • Difficulty level: a dive reserved only for experienced divers due to its 40 meters depth.
  • Species you may find: in this dive, you will find plenty of parrotfishes, Mediterranean rainbow wrasses, ornate wrasses, morays, glasseyes, arrow crabs, white seabreams, greater amberjacks and Atlantic horse mackerels. You will also find red and yellow gorgonian colonies decorating the sand bed.

San Miguel

  • Where is it and how to reach it: located to the south of the island, you will be able to reach San Miguel from Las Galletas or from Los Cristianos harbor via boat.
  • Water temperature: between 21 °C and 24 °C.
  • Difficulty level: due to the demanding 45 meters depth descent and the strong currents, which often add difficulty to the dive, only the most experienced divers might want to take on this trip.
  • Species you may find: you might be able to see butterfly rays, corvinas, and groupers.

La Rapadura

  • Where is it and how to reach it: located three miles from Puerto de la Cruz, in the coast of Acentejo, reachable only by boat.
  • Water temperature: between 20 °C and 25 °C.
  • Difficulty level: it is an arduous and demanding dive, which requires suitable maritime conditions. Reserved only to expert divers, since it reaches 40 meters of depth.
  • Species you may find: Due to the overpopulation of black longspine urchins, the colonies of algae have diminished. You can see sponges, gorgonias, and alfonsinos.

Puertito de Armeñime

  • Where is it and how to reach it: this bay is located in the Costa Adeje. You can access it from the very beach of El Puertito or from a boat.
  • Water temperature: varies between 20 °C and 24 °C.
  • Difficulty level: for all levels of expertise. Can be done skin diving or with a diving suit. Average depth is 6 meters and maximum one 15 meters.
  • Species you may find: you can dive amidst the green turtles, which can reach 20 kilos and which are already used to the presence of swimmers and divers.

As you can see, there’s a great number of diving spots where you can enjoy this activity. Whichever is your level, don’t hesitate and come to live this experience in the island of Tenerife.

Photos:  Agencia de comunicación de Turismo de Tenerife, Julio Díaz Sangil  and Carlos Borbones Pérez.

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