Princess Hotels received the Travelife Gold Certified in 6 hotels in the Caribbean

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Travelife Gold Hoteles | Princess Hotels


Princess Hotels & Resorts once again received the important Travelife Gold Certified in its hotels in the Caribbean. This distinction celebrates the sustainable development achieved by Princess Hotels Caribe in its tourism and hotel activities in 2018.


What does it mean to be Travelife Gold Certified?

The Travelife Sustainability System was created in 2007 with the aim of promoting sustainable practices in the tourism universe. Travelife is owned by the ABTA, Association of British Travel Agents. It aims to take advantage of its privileged position among suppliers and consumers to encourage and promote practices that generate a positive social and environmental impact on the reality of their business.

Travelife contributes to sustainable development, to the environmental and cultural protection of the region. The Travelife Certification is the only one of this kind that works in collaboration with the biggest tour operators, as well as the small independent operators all over the World.

Travelife offers two differentiated but interrelated sustainability systems, aimed at travel agencies / tour operators and accommodation


What are the principles of the Travelife Gold Certification?

  • A consistent and Unique Methodology: TraveLife uses an original methodology to measure the practices carried out by tourism companies. This process is used in all companies, which allows to measure the progress made as well as compare audits of different companies.
  • Global: All the instruments created by TraveLife and offered to tourist companies are accessible to all, regardless of their nationality or language.
  • Oriented towards Progress: TraveLife supports companies throughout the entire development process. In this way, tourism companies can undertake the patterns progressively.
  • Effective: Efficiency is very important for TraveLife and that is why the information about the providers is shared among all TraveLife members.
  • The TraveLife system is based on the interrelation of the three principles of sustainability: environmental, social and economic sustainability.
  • Modern: TraveLife incorporates recognized and prestigious standards and frameworks such as:
    • EMAS III: including the document referring to the tourism sector
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 26001
    • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
    • OECD standards for multinationals
    • The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria of the GSTC
  • Cooperation: Travelife encourages collaboration between different relevant stakeholders. The standards are supported and developed by a large number of non-governmental companies, cooperation and development associations, as well as government agencies.
  • Altruistic: The TraveLife operation costs are minimal and the revenues are used as investments towards the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the tools used.


What steps has Princess Hotels taken to be Travelife Gold Certified?

First Phase: In Princess Hotels we began our collaboration with TraveLife by making a commitment to the environment and our cultural environment. In this commitment, Princess Hotels is committed to adopt practices and initiatives that meet the Control List that TraveLife provides. It serves as a guide for the first steps that Princess Hotels will have to execute.


Second Phase: In this phase, called Partners, Princess Hotels generates a Sustainability Report that shows all the sustainable actions that the hotel has carried out under the TraveLife commitment.


Third Phase: In the last phase of the commitment of Princess Hotels with TraveLife, our hotel was subject to a Sustainability Audit. This was done based on the TraveLife International Standards. With the conclusion of this audit our hotels were Travelife Certified.

Travelife Gold Hoteles | Princess Hotels

Which hotels have received the Travelife Gold Certification in the Caribbean?

Travelife Gold Hoteles | Princess Hotels

Hotel Platinum Yucatán Princess

This adults-only complex obtained the Travelife Gold certification, due to the commitment it has shown to sustainability, in different aspects. In environmental protection the hotel is part of the committee for the protection of the sea turtle, carries out campaigns to clean its beaches and informs the guests, how to reduce the environmental impact, reducing consumption of energy and resources. Regarding the community, the hotel promotes respect, hiring local people and never minors. It protects the local Mayan culture by maintaining its living traditions, heritage and wildlife. Informing our guests to collaborate in the task. It supports the local economy and its business, consuming local products and favoring entrepreneurs from the region. Once a week, local artisans come to sell their crafts. There is also respect and fair treatment to employees, as a fundamental pillar, offering training and interactions so that they feel proud to belong to this family.


Hotel Grand Riviera Princess

The Grand Riviera Princess hotel had a very important year of solidarity and sustainable actions. Of these, the donations of the Tree of Illusions and of essential goods to the Community of San Martiniano stand out. Internally, it was a very important year with several conferences with collaborators on various topics such as the Protection of Minors and Eco-Sustainability. Themes that will contribute to the human development of our collaborators. This hotel is Travelife Gold Certified.


Grand Sunset Princess Hotel

At Grand Sunset Princess, two activities related to eco-sustainability were carried out for the first time. The action of Eco-Moda and #SargazoChallenge had a great impact on our hotel. Both events were very important for the awareness of guests and collaborators.


Hotel Family Club Princess

In the hotel dedicated to families, the year of 2018 was the scene of a huge donation of school supplies in the school of Pedregal in Cancun. The supplies were donated by guests and collaborators. The Kids Club was also responsible for several talks on ecology and sustainability that created a great impact on all the children who participated in these activities. This hotel is also Travelife Gold Certified.


Hotel Punta Cana Princess

From the hotel management, different actions have been developed to improve our responsible and sustainable practices. In environmental actions, our base is the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Social actions to the community that surrounds us, through donation projects of toys, school supplies, cleaning of beaches and public mangroves. We have also replaced the plastic elements of a single use in restaurants and bars, considerably reducing the plastic waste generated. In addition, adding to the customers who visit us, joining global ecological movements or inviting them to share and help in our local social projects.


Hotel Caribe Club Princess

Re-validating the title of Travelife Gold achieved last year, the hotel Caribe Club Princess has continued its line of sustainable and responsible operations. Its objective is the daily improvement in each and every one of the activities that take place in the hotel. Social work has been carried out with nearby communities on different environmental projects, such as cleaning public beaches, and social projects through the donation of toys and school supplies to help the children of the community of Matamosquitos. Our employees and clients are also part of the projects. The guests helped us collect the material for the donations. Our guests are also invited not to waste towels or sheets unnecessarily, for the protection of the environment.


If you want to know more sustainable projects, we invite you to discover all our Solidarity Actions of the year 2018 of our Caribbean hotels Here!

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