Princess Hotels Caribe celebrates World Oceans Day

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On the 8th of June, we had the World Ocean Day celebration. For us, who are surrounded by beautiful sea, they’re one of the main providers of life on the planet. As part of our Princess and You 360 corporate social policy, we at Princess hotels, join you to celebrate and pay homage to our seas and oceans, committing ourselves to their wellbeing and care. Here are some interesting facts about the Oceans; ¿did you know that …?

– The ocean absorbs 25% of the CO2 that exists in the atmosphere.
– Between 50% and 80% of life on our planet is underwater.
– Man has only been able to explore 10% of the oceans.
– However, only 1% of the surface of the oceans is protected.
– According to the O.N.U, every year 13,000,000 tons of plastic arrive in the Oceans.
– Each year plastic causes the death of over 100,000 marine species.


World Oceans Day in Punta Cana

The Princess hotels of the Dominican Republic have beautiful beaches and we like to raise awareness about their care among guests and staff:


Hotels Caribe Club Princess, Tropical Princess and Punta Cana Princess

They organized a general beach cleanup, an extraordinary and beautiful initiative with the support of several staff members. We all could see that the main waste that ends up in the sea are plastic waste -such as sorbets and glasses-, as well as the cigarette butts. Our gardeners carefully clean the beach every day. When employees from other departments join, we manage to create a greater global awareness, which they then can share with their friends and family.

Even our staff when, on their days off, they go to the countryside or to the beach, they have become accustomed on taking the garbage they find. It is an achievement for the hotel if not for the neighboring communities that imitate this ecological behaviour.


Hotel Bávaro Princess

The Bávaro Princess hotel periodically performs beach cleanings with the help of volunteers amongst the staff members. More and more guests are joining these periodic cleanings. You can see with your own eyes, the results of the most common plastic debris that we find in the sand and that end up in the sea.

There was an activity on the beach with our personal Aquaman. The goal was to create awareness among customers. Aquaman walked along the beach showing a fishnet full of plastic and trash, making his message clearer. While it is true that some guests said they saw Neptune more than Aquaman, it was wonderful that everyone understood the message!

World Oceans Day in Riviera Maya

– We began celebrating this important day with the broadcast of a new episode of our Piratitas TV channel: This episode had the intention of raising awareness and informing the new generations about the importance of preserving the wellbeing of the Oceans.

Recreational activities were ,also, organized in the Kids Club: we recycled materials such as cardboard, paper and polycarbonate plastic to turn them into crafts, in reference to marine animal species.

– We conducted environmental workshops for young kids: where we explained the use of 3R`s -> Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

– We carried out different operational activities in order to protect the oceans from:

– Contaminants as inorganic products.

– Also to keep them clean of sargassum.

– On a daily basis, we clean the beach with a tractor.

– We organize extensive beach cleaning days.

– Reduce the number of inorganic agents such as cigarette butts on beaches

– Decrease the use of straws in hotels

– Replace disposable plastic cups with transparent polycarbonate cups, a biodegradable material with a lower environmental impact than conventional plastic

We will continue to do our best in protecting this ecosystem and the species that inhabit it, inviting the general public to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A commitment to our environment and the environment!

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