Hotel Grand Bávaro Princess Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ Grand Bávaro Princess

Want to come on holiday to Grand Bávaro Princess but have some questions?

Today we want to help by answering some of the most common questions asked by our guests.

If you still have any questions after this post, remember that you can always contact us in the comments, on our social media or by sending an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to help!


General Information

Preguntas frecuentesCan guests at Grand Bávaro Princess access the water park at Princess Family Club?

Guests staying with Platinum services or in Platinum rooms can access the water park at Princess Family Club free of charge. For other room categories, an additional charge will be applied, which you can consult with our customer service department.

Preguntas frecuentesCan guests at Grand Bávaro Princess access the Caribe Deluxe Princess, Tropical Deluxe Princess and Punta Cana Princess hotels?

In order to visit our sister hotels, you have to make a request to our public services department and there will be an additional charge.

Preguntas frecuentesIs it possible to drink the hotel tap water?

Although the tap water in our hotel is treated, it is not suitable for consumption, so we provide you with bottled water in the rooms and you can order water in our bars at any time.

Preguntas frecuentesIs smoking allowed in the hotel?

The hotel’s smoking policy is the same as that of the Dominican government, which prohibits smoking in enclosed areas (such as inside rooms or restaurants), but allows smoking in open areas (such as room terraces and restaurants or in gardens and on the beach).

Preguntas frecuentesWhat is the climate?

The climate is generally warm and humid all year round, however being in the Caribbean, the weather can change from sunny to rainy in a matter of moments, so we always recommend keeping an eye on an official weather website.

Preguntas frecuentesWhere can I see all the hotel information before and during my stay?

For more information about the hotel, its services and facilities, we invite you to visit the hotel website (where you can also make your booking) or our webapp.
If you have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected].

Preguntas frecuentesIs there an adults-only area?

Our entire hotel is family friendly, so it does not have specific areas for people over 18 years old. If you are looking for an adults-only hotel, we invite you to check out our sister hotel Punta Cana Princess.



Preguntas frecuentesIs it necessary to make reservations at the restaurants?

Our restaurant system is on a first-come, first-served basis, only Platinum guests (once at the hotel and through the app) can make restaurant reservations.

Preguntas frecuentesDo you offer food for people with special diets or allergies?

Our hotel caters for people with different types of diets and allergies. Please visit our customer service department on arrival to explain your needs and they will be able to assist.

Preguntas frecuentesIs there a dress code in the restaurants?

Yes, to view them we recommend that you check our webapp, as they vary depending on whether it is day or night, buffet or themed.

Preguntas frecuentesWhat drinks are included?

Alcohol is included for all categories; the only difference is that Platinum customers have different brands included.
There are also certain brands of wine and champagne that are not included with any category.

Preguntas frecuentesAre there non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, we serve non-alcoholic drinks.



Preguntas frecuentesWhat types of rooms are there?

There are Bungalow Suites and Platinum Suites, and within the Platinum Suite category, there is a special Honeymoon Platinum Suite.

Preguntas frecuentesIs it possible to upgrade my room?

It is possible to upgrade to Platinum on arrival, subject to availability. For more information on Platinum benefits and Platinum room features, please visit our website.

Preguntas frecuentesCan I book a Honeymoon Suite if I am not on my honeymoon?

Yes, it is possible. The maximum occupancy is 2 people.

Preguntas frecuentesWhat are the rooms like and what are their characteristics?

For more information about our rooms, we recommend that you visit our website where you will a description of each room, its characteristics and maximum occupancy.

Preguntas frecuentesIs it possible to get a room with a specific view or a specific location?

The location of a room as well as the view cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on availability and type of room booked, however you can make a request by sending an email to [email protected] with your booking details and request.

Preguntas frecuentesIs there Wi-Fi in the rooms?

The hotel has a basic internet connection in communal areas and rooms. If this is insufficient for your needs, there is the option to purchase a Premium Wi-Fi service at a price per device of $6 for 1 day, $12 for 3 days and $18 for 7 days. This service can be purchased directly at the hotel.


Beach activities

Preguntas frecuentesDo you have a night club?

Yes, we have a nightclub. It is called Movie Disco Club and it is located inside Avalon Casino. Entrance is included, but drinks are charged separately.

Preguntas frecuentesIs it possible to book excursions at the hotel?

You will find representatives from different tour companies in the lobby who will be able to help you. You can also book excursions online through this link:

Preguntas frecuentesWhere can I view the entertainment programme?

You can view the programme on the webapp:

Preguntas frecuentesDo you have a casino?

Yes, Avalon Casino, located near the hotel entrance.

Preguntas frecuentesDo you have tennis courts?

We have tennis courts and we provide racquets and balls. There is an extra charge for lessons and night-time use.



Outdoor jacuzzi

Preguntas frecuentesIs there the option to book a babysitting service?

Yes, there is the option to book a private nanny, for prices and availability please contact our customer service department.

Preguntas frecuentesAre there any special gifts for birthdays or anniversaries?

To be eligible for a birthday or anniversary gift, please send us a photo of your passport or ID showing the date of your birthday, or your wedding certificate showing the date of your wedding, to the email [email protected] prior to your arrival.
If you prefer, it is also possible to present your documentation to our customer service department during check-in at the hotel.

Preguntas frecuentesIs room service included?

Room service is included with Platinum rooms. There is an additional charge for room service in our bungalow rooms, prices and menu are available on our webapp

Preguntas frecuentesIs there a spa in the hotel?

Yes, we have a spa and hairdressing salon, but please note that these services are not included.
You can find all the information and prices on our webapp

Appointments and reservations must be made at the hotel, either by phone or directly in the spa. Alternatively, you can ask our customer service department in the hotel lobby for help.

Preguntas frecuentesDo you offer a transfer service to/from the airport?

We do not offer our own service; however, you can book a transfer through the following link:

You will also find taxis when you arrive at the airport. The taxi fare from Punta Cana airport to the hotel is approximately $40 US.

Preguntas frecuentesAre there shops nearby?

Yes, we have a shopping arcade in the hotel.

Preguntas frecuentesIs it possible to hold weddings/events at your hotel?

Yes, our hotel can host weddings or any other event you wish. For more information you can write to [email protected] or [email protected].




Preguntas frecuentesHow do I book?

You can book through our official website: There is a booking search engine where you can choose your hotel, dates, number of rooms and people.
You will be able to see our online rates as well as our offers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will be happy to help you via the following email: [email protected].

Preguntas frecuentes What is MyPrincess?

MyPrincess is our loyalty programme, with which we would like to thank our customers from all over the world for their trust and loyalty. Make a booking and join the MyPrincess community to get exclusive discounts and unique advantages.

Preguntas frecuentes What benefits do I get as a MyPrincess member?

  • Exclusive discounts of up to an extra 20% off your bookings.
  • Welcome drink
  • Fruit platter in the room
  • Discounts on services
  • Many more services depending on hotel and destination

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