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Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels


If there is someone you should follow if you want to discover the best family plans of the Riviera Maya, that person is Any Fuchok! The journalist from Tabasco gives advice on traveling with children in the most special corners of the Riviera Maya, among other countries. Are you looking for a travel-essentials guide for  vacations with family, children and trends from the Riviera Maya? Follow @mamaaltademanda and scroll down so that you won’t miss a thing.

How was the experience of Any Fuchok in Family Club Princess?

Any Fuchok visited the Family Club of Grand Riviera Princess together with her family and had the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable vacation at our hotel!

5 days of fun in which both Any and her family had the opportunity to experience all the charms that make the Family Club a unique and incomparable place for your holidays with children. Here are some highlights:

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels

Water Park of the Family Club: Their days always started in the Water Park of Family Club, the fun water park that exists in the pool. Juan and Maria (their children) could play with other children their age and also with their mother.

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels

The Ice Cream Shop: Another highlight of their vacation at the Grand Riviera Princess Family Club was the Ice Cream Parlor, which is located next to the Pirate Buffet. Juan and Maria spent every day thoroughly choosing their favorite ice cream while Any relaxed to the taste of delicious popcorn. Afterwards they would go out to enjoy all the activities we have for children and youth in our hotel.

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels

Night shows: What amused the Fuchok family the most, was the Moana show, which takes place every Monday at 8:30 pm.

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels

Service and attention of the staff: The favorite part of their vacation was, without doubts, the incredible attention of all our staff members. In the words of Mama de Alta Demanda:

First class!(We were treated) Very kindly by the members of the staff of the Family Club at Grand Riviera Princess, who, attentive to the adults’ enjoyment, treated us luxuriously in their various restaurants.”

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels


What is MamadeAltaDemanda?

MamadeAltaDemanda is the platform created by Any Fuchok in 2008. Any shares various tips, advices and other valuable information about children and motherhood and it is focused on mothers with children up to 18 years of age.

Her blog has been recognized by Diario Reforma in his Top 3 of Mamás Blogueras (Mommy Bloggers), as well as by Publímetro in its Top 5 of the Mommy Bloggers of Mexico. You can also find her posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where thousands of mothers from all over the world follow her advices and adventures.

The topics addressed both in the blog and in their Social Networks are:

  • Family
  • Trends
  • Travel with children
  • Recommendations for products and services for modern mothers and their children.

The audience of Mama de Alta Demanda is formed, above all, by expectant Latina mothers and/or mothers with kids both in early childhood and adolescents. They are mothers with high online participation, eager to enjoy different destinations during the holiday season!

Any Fuchok Family Club Princess | Princess Hotels

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