Sensory Dinner at Skylights Restaurant with Chef Agustín Puc and Chef Daniel Manzano

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Do you want to know all the details about the sensory dinner at the Skylights Restaurant? We held on Friday, April 26th in the most exclusive restaurant of Platinum Yucatan Princess, one of Chef Agustín Puc’s best pairing dinners. Once a month he organizes a special event to delight local guests and diners from Playa del Carmen and Cancun with his pairing dinners. This dinner is an achievement of all the experience that Chef Agustín has accumulated over several years, experimenting with different ingredients, kitchens and having collaborated with great chefs.

Who was the guest chef at the Sensory Dinner at the Skylights Restaurant?

Our guest chef was chef Daniel Manzano, he is from Tlaxcala and current executive chef of Thompson Hotels. He has a long career in restaurants known as “Düke Roma” by Chef Pedro Abascal, “Pujol” and “Eno” by Chef Enrique Olvera. In the latter, the idea of creating a Mexican food with a small twist on each plate came up. He also defined the type of cuisine that has marked his career. For this dinner, he made a symbiosis with Chef Agustín to present unique and exceptional creations.

In this sensory dinner the main objective was that all your senses were immersed in each of the dishes that the chefs presented. However, in five of the seven times, one sense stood out above the others. In that way, we could enjoy:

  • Textures
  • Colorful assemblies
  • Unique scents
  • Mix of ingredients
  • Amazing flavors

What were the courses and senses of the Sensory Dinner at the Skylights Restaurant?

First course – Blue and yellow corn salbutes couplet

Sense of hearing.

The crunch of the dough, causes your brain to prepare the salivation in anticipation of the dish, without even having tasted it. The texture of typically Mexican meats, in flavors such as duck or Iberian pork, and make a perfect combination with the mass of the salbutes. A combination of cuisines that melt your palate!


Second course –  Black aguachile octopus and Iberian sausage


In this dish a colorful composition was created. They chose different elements in the dish to draw your eyes to the ingredients and to fall in love with the view. To round off and highlight in this dish was the mixture of octopus with pork and an acid taste. Although it may seem strange, it is a delicacy in the mouth.


Third course – Malanga rock stuffed with cheese and shrimp

Sense of smell

The malanga is a tuber that is consumed in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula. The exciting thing in this dish is the texture of the central figure of the dish, which looks like a rock. When you open it, your nose will be flooded with these delicious smells, a mixture of cheese and shrimp with which it is stuffed.


Fourth course – Totoaba in burrata serum

Sense of taste.

The sustainable Totoaba, brought from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, is a fish of delicate flesh and exquisite taste. It was accompanied by burrata serum to create the perfect mixture on the plate. The idea is to enjoy this fish slowly, pairing it with a red wine, recommended by our Sommelier Miguel Luna. A high level experience, summarized in a single dish.


Fifth course – Mojito sorbet

Sense of taste.

The classic Cuban cocktail, reinvented in Mojito.


Sixth course – Lamb with mushrooms, mashed sweet potatoes and fermented garlic

Sense of taste.

The strong flavor of lamb meat gives personality to this creation. With the mixture of the sweet potato puree, it creates a combination between sweet and savory flavors.


Seventh course – Fritters with pickled syrup and nixtamalized fruits

Sense of touch.

This dish invites you to make your sense of touch feel the texture of the donut. Breaking it with your hands so that when you put it in the mouth it is accompanied with fruits. A sweet and delicious experience!


Art added color to the Sensory Dinner

The painter Raliugart crowned the night with his exhibition of multicolored paintings, so that the assistants also had the possibility to buy them. An unrepeatable dinner, where we also had the opportunity to have very special guests from the municipality of Solidaridad.


In addition Sandy Garza, host of the program “Entre amigas” gave us her opinion on this gastronomic experience:

With each dinner pairing the surprises will continue, so we will wait for you with new culinary experiences. Because the best is still to come!

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