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Navidad Princess Hotels Caribe


Christmas in the Caribbean? The Christmas season is approaching and with it, the Christmas songs, the family visits and, of course, the gifts!

Surely if we asked you about reasons to come and celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean, you would think of thousands of them! What better gift than an incredible Christmas vacation in the Caribbean?

In this post we tell you everything about a Christmas vacation in the Caribbean and we invite you to learn more about the customs and traditions of Christmas in Mexico and on the Dominican Republic.

Why celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean?

navidad en el caribe

  • Enjoy the peace and harmony of Christmas: We take care of cooking, preparing and organizing the Christmas dinner while you enjoy the warm Caribbean weather.
  • Change the pines for palm trees in a different Christmas: Can you imagine spending countless hours of beach during Christmas? Venture through the most exotic cenotes and discover Caribbean hotspots.
  • Children will love changing snowmen for sand sculptures: Your child will enjoy various fun activities and entertainments during their Christmas in the Caribbean.
  • Change the toys for field trips: What better gift for a child than the chance to get to know a Monkey Sanctuary in the heart of the jungle? Or fly like Tarzan on a zip line. There are plenty of options that will make your gift even more special!
  • Experience the Christmas traditions of the Caribbean: Did you know that in Yucatan children sing, from door to door, beautiful songs to earn their “Christmas bonus”? Throughout Mexico, houses and public spaces are decorated with a flower called Nochebuena (Christmas Eve). Discover the Christmas traditions that await you in the Caribbean!
  • Perfect time to share with your loved ones: Share the time with your family and what better gift than a vacation escaping from the cold!
  • Enjoy tanning in Christmas time: It makes it a lot easier to return to the office after your holidays, when you can watch the smooth lines of your tan in the middle of January!


Enjoy Christmas in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels


Christmas and New Years Eve Princess Hotels Caribbean


Princess Hotels is the best destination for your vacation in the Caribbean. In our hotels the Sun awaits you (with temperatures that round 28°C)and we have large pools where you can relax while your skin gains the attractive color of the Caribbean. Our resorts are located on an unbeatable beachfront. They are the ideal place for paradisiacal beaches, delicious cocktails and a wide program of activities. There will be no shortage of games and dance classes so that you can enjoy the rhythms of the Caribbean!

The enormous gastronomic diversity we have for you is also an highlight of our hotels. In the same place you can enter on an exquisite and unforgettable gastronomic journey: from the Italian pasta, to the refined French cuisine, with obligatory stops at the Teppanyaki show and our steakhouse and ,of course,  the traditional Mexican and Dominican cuisine!

And the cherry on the cake, and the most important thing in your stay, the smile of our staff!

At Princess Hotels you will have the opportunity to meet the best and most dedicated staff members in the World. They will go above and beyond to make your Christmas holidays in the Caribbean a relaxed, lively and unforgettable experience.

So that you can enjoy a Christmas experience in the Caribbean, we have prepared a special offer! Discover the Caribbean this Christmas with Princess Hotels with discounts of up to 60%:


Exclusive advantages for booking with Princess Hotels

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Fruit plate in the room or complimentary snacks
  • Many more services according to destination

Bookings until January 5 and enter the promotional code to enjoy up to 60% discount.

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How is Christmas in Riviera Maya?


In Riviera Maya you will find all the Christmas customs with which you grew up. In addition you will have some surprising and special traditions. They will make your vacation even more unique and will give you a lot to tell your friends and family. Some of the main Christmas traditions of the Riviera Maya are:

  • The Piñata of 7 points: One of the most emblematic and recognized traditional elements of Mexico. La Piñata, is also present at Christmas throughout the Caribbean. This piñata is special because it has the shape of a 7-pointed Star and each of them represents one of the deadly sins. The act of striking him with the stick represents the force that God leaves man to put an end to sin.
  • Las Posadas: These important Christmas holidays begin on September 16 and represent the suffering and hardship that the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph spent when they were looking for an inn on the way to Bethlehem to give birth to the child
  • The Christmas Eve Flower: This flower, originally from Mexico, has played an important role in Mexican culture since the time of the Aztecs. They called it “cuetlaxochitl” which means “flower of the resistant petals”. According to them, it symbolized the blood of the sacrifices that they offered to the sun so that their strength could be renew. Years later the Spaniards baptized it has “Nochebuena” (Christmas Eve) because it blossoms in December. Since then it has become a symbol of Christmas in the Caribbean and they are often used as decoration.
  • An incomparable gastronomy: Tamales, buñuelos, churros, fruit punch and hot chocolate, are some of the delicious typical Mexican dishes that you will have the opportunity to taste. They also make up the wide and diverse gastronomic offer that you will find at Princess Hotels México. And, of course, you cannot miss the highlighy of the night: the Christmas Turkey!

How is Christmas in Punta Cana?


Come and discover the Dominican Republic, hand in hand with the Princess Hotels Punta Cana. You will be able to learn and enjoy the wonderful cultural melting pot that celebrates and is celebrated in these dates by joining traditions that come from all countries. Do you want to know which ones?

  • The night of December 24th: showing the Christian roots of this island, the Princess Hotels present us with their Nativity Scene. They will flood your heart with emotion as we remember and commemorate the birth of Jesus.
  • On December 25th: From the North Pole, the most famous of our clients arrives at our hotel for his annual visit: Santa! Santa Claus every year makes a special stop for the Princess hotels in the Dominican Republic to greet everyone, especially the little ones.
  • Every December 31rst: We join our Spanish brothers in their traditional 12 strokes of midnight. We eat the grapes together with our entertainment staff, an activity that always entertains everyone!
  • January 6th: Princess hotels receive another wonderful visit arriving from the East. Based in ancient Hispanic traditions, the 3 Wise Men walk through our hotel and greet the children of the house – for those who always have some surprise.
  • International gala dinners for the nights of December 31rst and December 24th: where our kitchen team shines in a gastronomic explosion that combines a splendid dinner banquet with a spectacular decoration in our buffets. Also exquisite silver dinners with delicious gourmet menus and an exceptional service at our a la carte restaurants.
  • Special entertainment program: Exclusive for these dates that will amuse everyone: Neither age, nor nationality, gender or condition matters, we want everyone to have a great time. We like to share traditions, and we want you to teach us your Christmas carols, your congratulatory phrases, your culture, your traditions to start the New Year with love, harmony and good luck …

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