Are you planning to spend the Easter holidays in the Caribbean?

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Semana Santa Caribe Ofera


The Easter holidays are drawing nearer and many people are asking themselves the same question: where shall we go this year? Can you imagine spending the Easter holidays in the Caribbean?

Clearly, the Caribbean is a safe bet: warm weather, endless beaches and all-inclusive resorts. All this and more make it one of the most popular destinations in which to spend the Easter holidays!

Offers for spending the Easter holidays in the Caribbean

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Discover the Caribbean Holy Week in Punta Cana

Because of the Dominican Republic’s deeply Christian roots, the Holy Week has always been a special occasion.

This year, Dominicans will undoubtedly know how to adapt to the current safety measures and protocols in an exemplary manner. During their events they will religiously celebrate the liturgies while always following the government’s recommendations. And there are those who will take advantage of these days of rest to enjoy a quiet holiday in Punta Cana.

The Holy Week in the Caribbean for the devout

The religious services are especially moving during the holidays in the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the oldest Cathedral established in the New World, in Santo Domingo. The colonial area and especially its churches are generally enveloped in a halo of respectful silence, faith and tradition. These are some of the secrets you can discover in the country’s capital: 

  • Walking down Damas Street 
  • Discovering the walls that defended the Dominican citizens in the past
  • Visiting the Alcázar, where Diego Colón took up residence

About 45 minutes from our hotels is the Altagracia Basilica. This Catholic sanctuary is held in high regarded throughout the country as it contains the image of Our Lady of Altagracia, patron saint of the country. And you will also be able to visit a tourist hotspot with a charming local atmosphere in the surroundings. Here you can attend the masses and liturgies celebrated to honour the Holy Week.

The Jesús Maestro Church is about 5 minutes away from our hotels. The devout usually attend its religious services during these dates.

Easter holidays in the Caribbean: Playa Bávaro

In the south-eastern part of the island, in the area of Punta Cana – Bávaro, the Dominican Republic Princess hotels prepare for a week of rest and relaxation. Both inside and outside, the hotels in the area of Punta Cana transform to welcome these special dates. Due to the area’s religiosity, some activities outside the hotel may not be available on Holy Friday. 

> During these dates special rules apply regulating the use of motor vehicles in the water. That is why we recommend booking your activities with these regulations in mind. For more information, you can write an email to: [email protected].

Of course, life will go on as usual in our hotels and facilities. We will continue to put on our best smiles while offering our entertainment and services. In fact, Holy Friday might be the perfect moment for visiting our spa and dedicating a moment to wellness and relaxation with its massages and therapies. Click here to find out the advantages of going to a Caribbean resort!

The pleasant temperatures of the waters that surround us also make it the perfect time for practising scuba diving. At our hotels you can obtain the official PADI scuba diving certification and discover the beautiful world that hides beneath the waves.

Easter holidays in the Caribbean for shopaholics

For those of you who love shopping, several shopping centres are opening their doors in the area. Exploring them to purchase a souvenir or two, trying on clothes in their boutiques or enjoying a meal in some of their restaurants are only some of the many activities they offer.

Discover the Caribbean Holy Week in Riviera Maya

In Mexico, the Holy Week is a very lively period due to the many Catholic traditions that are joyfully celebrated by the entire population. It is also an opportunity for Mexicans to explore their own country, making the most of this short break from work. Riviera Maya is usually the go-to destination of thousands of Mexicans during these festivities! However, large events are not to be expected this Holy Week due to the current circumstances we are living through, but we still have several recommended places where, due to their location or lack of visitors, you are bound to live unforgettable moments in Riviera Maya:


Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen: If you are looking for a good place to pray and celebrate the Holy Week, we recommend you visit this Church, located on the famous 5th Avenue. It is a scenic location facing the sea and surely one of the most beautiful places in which to celebrate Easter and the Holy Week. 

Caleta Yalkú: If you want to take the plunge and swim among the fish of the area, this is the best place to do so. Yalkú is only 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen and it opens at nine in the morning, so we recommend you get here early to make the most of the day. In this cove, fresh and salt water mingle, so you can find a combination of both ecosystems. Mangrove roots are a favourite hiding place of several species and a special element that contributes to protecting our environment. This is the perfect place for spending an incredible day with your family.

Xcacel Xcacelito: Only 40 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, this beach has absolutely nothing. That’s right! No noise, water sports or beach clubs. Due to its location in front of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, it is a sanctuary for several species of flora and fauna, a special place for visiting with friends or your significant other. It is also the main nesting place of two species of turtle: the loggerhead sea turtle and the Central American river turtle, which is why it was declared a Protected Nature Reserve almost 20 years ago. It is a joy unknown to many, meaning it is less busy than the more popular attractions of Riviera Maya. Within it is Xcacelito, an open cenote with limited access where you can take a dip, snorkel or simply enjoy the peace and harmony of the mangrove forest.

Cobá: Sharing the treasures of our cultural heritage makes us rediscover ourselves as human beings. Cobá was one of the cities of the Maya civilisation and it is only an hour and a half away from Playa del Carmen, heading towards Tulum. Once there, a fee must be paid to access the premises, run by the shared land of Cobá. There you will find establishments selling handicrafts and local foods. The guides offer walking or cycling routes through interesting historical sites. To visit the archaeological area we recommend wearing comfortable shoes, light or sporting clothes and sunscreen. Of course, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer is compulsory at all times. As it is an outdoor location, it is easy to keep the safety distance between visitors.

Isla Mujeres: This Island is about 7 km long and not even 11 km wide. It is an hour and a half from the Princess México hotels. Its unparalleled beauty makes it is a must-see destination.

Xcaret: Last but not least, one of the most popular attractions in the area, the Mexican-themed archaeological EcoPark called Xcaret. It is set on the ancient Maya city of Polé, the remains of which can be seen within the park. Enjoy its tropical landscape and characteristic Blue River with all the safety protocols required by the current situation in place.

Enjoy peace and relaxation: If this is what you are looking for this Holy Week, we recommend you visit our Spa. We are sure you will leave the Spa feeling younger and ready to enjoy your Easter holidays in the Caribbean with Princess Hotels Riviera Maya. 
That is why, regardless of your expectations, you will always find something fun and unforgettable to do during the Holy Week in the Caribbean. Children, adults, couples… Princess Hotels Caribe will be waiting to be a part of your experience!

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