Are you thinking about spending your Easter in the Caribbean?

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Semana Santa 2019 Caribe | Princess Hotels


The Easter is coming and many people around the world have the same questions. Where should we go this year? Can you imagine spending your Holy Week vacations in the Caribbean?

Without a doubt, the Caribbean is an option that you can’t miss: The warm temperatures, infinite beaches and all inclusive hotels…all of this and much more make this one of the favorite destinations for the Holy Week vacations.

Discover the Easter in the Caribbean at Punta Cana

In the Dominican Republic, due to its strong Christian roots, the Holy Week is lived in a very special way. The religious events, such has the processions and the liturgical moments in the churches, are combined with the joy and the excitement of the vacations, where tourists search for a place where they can rest and relax.

The Easter in the Caribbean for the more devoted guests

The religious services that are celebrated in the festivity on the Cathedral Primada América, the first Cathedral of the New World, located in St.Domingo are extremely emotional.

Overall, the colonial area of the town as well as its churches are wrapped in a halo of   faith, tradition and recollection. Some of the secrets that the country’s Capital has to offer are:

  • Take a scenic walk through the Calle de las Damas (Street of the Ladies)
  • Discover the fortified walls that defended the Dominicans from attacks.
  • Visit the Alcázar where Diego Colón used to live.

> At about 45 minutes from our hotels you can find the Altagracia Basilic. This is the place where the more spiritual guests can go to experience the religious services of this festive week.

Easter in the Caribbean at Playa Bávaro

To the southeast of the island, in the Punta Cana-Bávaro area, the Dominican Republic Princess hotels prepare themselves for a week long full of games and fun. Both inside and outside of the hotel you will be able to see the Punta Cana area changing to itself to welcome this events. Due to it’s high level of religious faith, some activities outside of the hotel can be affected during the Holy Friday.

> During this festive season there are special legislations that regulate the use of water-motor sports. For that reason we advise you to book your activities well in advance according to this legislations. For more information’s please email us at:

Of course that at our hotels everything will keep functioning at the same rhythm, happiness and fun.
It might be that the Holy Friday transforms itself, in the best time for you to visit our spa y take a moment to relax and rejoice with our massages and therapies. Click here to see the advantages of visiting a Caribbean resort!

The pleasant temperature of the waters that surround our hotel make this the perfect moment for you to start experiencing a scuba experience.
At our hotels you can obtain the official PADI scuba certificate and discover a precious world that hides beneath the surface.


Semana Santa en el Caribe para los shopping adictos

Holy Week in the Caribbean for the shopaholics

For all the shopping lovers, there are several shopping malls that have been opening in recent times in this area.
Stroll down the galleries to buy a souvenir; try out clothing at the boutiques or have lunch at the local restaurants are some of the activities that you can do at these places.


Discover the Easter in the Caribbean at the Riviera Maya

Semana Santa 2019 Caribe | Princess Hotels

In Mexico the Holy Week is experienced with much intensity due to the various catholic traditions which are celebrated with a lot of joy by the people that live in this region.

It is, also, a great opportunity for Mexican tourists to travel around Mexico while enjoying a small vacation period. ¡The Riviera Maya is usually the favorite destination for thousands of Mexicans during these festivities!  During the Holy Week, the Riviera Maya hosts several events that guarantee hours of entertainment to tourists arriving from around the World to this popular destination:

Flying in Paradise: From the 19 to the 21rst of April of 2019, there will be a once in a lifetime event in Cancun called: “Flying in Paradise”. This is the first time that the Riviera Maya welcomes a Air Balloon Festival. In this event you can enjoy of a 100 meter Zip-line, an inflatable area; a climbing wall; a Foam party, amongst many other events.

>The highlight of this event is the possibility of experiencing free flights around the beautiful Nichupté Lagoon in Cancun. If the weather conditions aren’t good this activity will be replaced by anchored flights at a 20/25 meter height.

Live Music Festival in Zamna Tulum:For all the travelers that search for a once in a lifetime musical experience, we recommend you the Live Music Festival located at Zamna in the small town of Tulum.  

This is an opportunity you can’t miss where you will be able to enjoy a music festival hosted in the heart of the Tulum’s jungle. This festival will have various musical styles: from funk to hip-hop and, also, techno.

Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Our Lady of Carmen): If you are searching for a good place to pray and celebrate the Holy Week, we recommend you to visit this church, that is located in the famous 5th Avenue. It’s an amazingly scenic location, ocean-front, and arguably one of the most beautiful places to celebrate both Easter and the Holy Week.

Enjoy peace and relax at the Spa: If this is your main goal during the Holy Week, we recommend you to visit our Spa and to experiment our Lól-Tun massage, extracted from our new Massage Menu for 2019. We are sure that you will leave the Spa feeling reinvigorated and ready to continue enjoying your Easter vacations in the Caribbean in the amazing company of Princess Hotels Riviera Maya.

On the other hand, if you wish to enjoy fun times without having to leave the hotel, we have prepared lots of great options for your vacations:

  • Mariachis Traditional show at the main Plaza: Thursdays at 20h30.
  • The Grease Show at the Theater: Tuesdays at 20h30.
  • Rock Live Music show at the Main Plaza: Saturdays at 21h30.
  • For the little-one we recommend the Moana Show featuring our amazing Entertainment staff: Mondays at 20h30 in the Theater.

For this reason, independently of your expectations, you will always find something fun and unforgettable to experience during your Holy Week vacations in the Caribbean. Children, adults and couples…¡Princess Hotels Caribbean await you to be part of this amazing experience.

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