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Princess Hotels & Resorts Environmental Policy

Princess Hotels & Resorts, is a family business dedicated to the management of accommodation centres in the Canary Islands and other parts of the world. We recognise our environmental and tourism sustainability responsibilities as part of our daily work. For this reason, we have undersigned the commitment to develop activities aimed at the protection of the environment, a fundamental resource for the continuity of our business.

At Princess Hotels & Resorts we have implemented an Environmental Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, covering all the Hospitality and Restoration activities within our facilities, in order to have fine-grained control over all the environmental aspects of our various centres and services that significantly impact the environment. For this we commit ourselves to:

  • Assign all the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our environmental management system. Likewise, we will constantly review our environmental objectives and goals with our employees in order to introduce advances and innovations in a continuous manner.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements regarding the environment that affect our centres in the Canary Islands, as well as preserve the safety and health of our employees through equal opportunities and other fundamental rights.
  • Protect natural, scenic and cultural values of the environment in which we develop our activities.
  • Implement the necessary measures to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact derived from our tourism-related activities.
  • Pursue (by our Canary Islands division) the optimal, moderate and efficient consumption of natural resources – water, energy, fossil fuels -; the use of sustainable resources with low environmental impact; and the respect for cultural resources in participation with the local community around each our centres.
  • We recognise the importance of adequate environmental management to ensure an integrated control and prevention of contaminants which may impact the environment (emissions, noise, discharges), with special attention to residues that affect the environment. Similarly, we will control and minimise, as much as possible, the use of polluting chemical substances as well as the carbon footprint we generate.
  • To seek the cooperation of our clients, to involve our local suppliers and above all to engage in effective communication with our employees through their participation in System design as well as through continuous training.
  • We are committed to maintaining a close relationship with our local community, making sure that all unresolved issues related to our business are resolved in a mutual interest.
  • We buy products from local suppliers whenever possible.
  • We encourage our staff to volunteer in local community activities. The hotel and its staff are involved in humanitarian and environmental programmes.

Princess Hotels & Resorts Environmental Policy

Princess Hotels & Resorts makes the sustainability reports of the following hotels available to its staff, clients and the general public:

Hotel Mogan Princess

Mogán Princess ****

Mogan Resort, S.L.

Hotel- Taurito Princess

Taurito Princess ****

South Paradise SA

Hotel Gran Canaria Princess

Gran Canaria Princess ****

Promotora Fergy

Princess Hotels

Princess Inspire Tenerife **** (former Bahía Princess)

Promotora Hotelera Canaria

Hotel Fuerteventura Princess

Fuerteventura Princess ****

Jandia Resort SA

Hotel Jandia Princess

Club Jandía Princess ****

Febatca, S.A.

Hotel Guayarmina Princess

Guayarmina Princess ****

Promotora Hotelera Canaria