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A wedding is an event which most couples dream about throughout the entire time they date. In your mind you imagine the day as something absolutely wonderful, unique and special. And the entire organization needs to be absolutely perfect. At Princess Hotels we are very much aware of how important it is that everything goes not only just as the bride and groom expect, but even better.

Riviera Maya is a destination where many couples choose to say “I do”. The reason? The unique locations on beautiful, endless beaches lapped by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This picture postcard setting is home to our Princess Hotels; the Grand Riviera Princess, Grand Sunset Princess and Platinum Yucatan Princess. Our five-star resorts in the Caribbean offer not only the perfect place for your guests, the ideal backdrop for your photos, and the most special memories for your family, but also all of the infrastructure and facilities you need to celebrate the most important day in your life without lacking any of those things that you’ve always imagined.

Gazebo Bodas en Riviera Maya - Princess Hotels

How do I organize my wedding in the Caribbean?

If you have ever dreamed of a wedding in the Caribbean, you probably have questions about how to organize the whole event. Our Wedding Department will be happy to answer any of your questions. Lizeth, Rocío, Aracely and Emma, the manager of the department, are responsible for resolving any doubts raised by couples who have chosen us to help them enjoy the happiest day of their lives.

According to our experts in weddings in the Caribbean, these are the most frequently asked questions raised by the bride and groom:

How many days do we need for our wedding and what documents do we need to make it legal?

For symbolic weddings only two days are needed. For legal wedding at least four working days are needed (not including weekends and holidays). You need to bring a passport, a tourist card and birth certificate.

Do I need any other certificates?

Mexican law requires a blood test to legally certify the wedding. The hotel can help you with this requirement.

For symbolic weddings do we have to certify that we are already married?

No, it’s not necessary.

Are witnesses needed at symbolic weddings?

No, they are not necessary.

For a symbolic wedding, can I bring a person to perform the wedding ceremony? Would it change the price?

No problem. And the wedding package price will be exactly the same.

¿Podemos traer nuestra propia música para la ceremonia?

Of course. In fact we recommend that you bring at least four songs for the most special moments: the entrance of the guests, the entrance of the bride, the signature ceremony, and the departure of the married couple. We will be happy to take care of the rest of the music!

Are there other locations if it rains?

The coordinators have everything under control. The wedding plan also includes an alternative location for any unexpected last-minute events. This location will be agreed upon with the couple beforehand.

Can the wedding packages that include flowers or a specific cake be changed to our liking?

You can send your ideas and options to our coordinators and they will assess whether things can be changed and if it involves any additional cost.

For any further questions please contact us. We would be delighted to help!

Our entire team at your service

Our wedding coordinators are the drivers of the Princess Wedding Department, and they make sure that every detail of the event is just perfect. They solve problems, avoid inconveniences, and allow the happy couple to just enjoy their very special day.

Bodas Riviera Maya Princess Hotels

From the moment the bride and groom and their guests arrive at the hotel, the entire team is ready and waiting to anticipate their needs and make them feel at home. On arrival, the couple receive a welcome kit with details such as the interview with our coordinator or the wedding breakfast the day after the wedding.

Our wedding package includes a non-private welcome dinner for a maximum of 40 people in any of the à la carte restaurants at Princess Hotels. This can be agreed with the coordinator up to one month before arrival. She will meet you at the restaurant and have everything ready and prepared to ensure you enjoy the evening with your guests.

For the wedding day everything will be prepared down to the finest detail. In the morning the happy couple will receive a delicious bowl of fruit and a bottle of sparkling wine to toast their marriage and start their most special day in the best possible way. If they wish, the couple can also visit our Spa Princess to relax before the wedding with a massage and be pampered by stylists that will take care of even the smallest details.

That same day our housekeeping department will also make a beautiful decoration in the evening for the bedroom, using rose petals to welcome the newlyweds, who will also receive a surprise gift from the Princess team.

“I do” at Princess Hotels

It is not difficult to imagine what your wedding in the Caribbean would be like, because you have already dreamed about it so many times … The most long-awaited moment is when you both say “I do”. The bride and groom are nervous, the guests expectant. The sea breeze refreshes the atmosphere and the turquoise sea sparkles with the reflection of the sun. The music begins and everyone turns around to look at the bride, walking slowly toward the beach to the beat of a song that means so much to both the bride and groom, that takes them back to that time when they fell in love. The minister began the ceremony, and the couple stare into each other’s eyes. On that beach in the Mexican Caribbean there is laughter, tears, shouts, complicity, friendship, love, magic…

Finished the ceremony, it’s the pachanga time!, as they say in Mexico. The party is hilarious, everything is assembled, the dance floor with colorful lights on the beach, DJ, food scrumptious, the bar with all kinds of cocktails. Guests begin to cheer, the grooms are the stars of the night. Some Caribbean rhythms:  salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton.  The wedding has been a success and for the couple is the beginning of a lifetime together.

Bodas Playa Princess Hotels

The Princess hotels in the Mexican Caribbean  offer not only the ideal venue for your wedding, but also the finest first-class service and the chance to relax and enjoy yourselves as we take care of absolutely everything to make sure the most important day of your life is an absolutely unforgettable experience.

As prove of this first-class service, Princess Hotels has just received the “2016/2017 Best Destination Weddings Resort” prize from Travel Gurus, a travel agency specialized in destination weddings and events.

Prize from Travel Gurus


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