Discover the Chill Out Restaurant at the Grand Sunset Princess Hotel

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If you have ever visited Grand Sunset Princess, we are sure that you remember with affection the Chill Out Restaurant Bar. If you have not already done so, this is definitely an unmissable place for your next vacation in the Caribbean.


What is the Chill Out Restaurant in Grand Sunset Princess?

It is a luxurious and intimate restaurant located on the virgin beach of Grand Sunset Princess. This restaurant is the ideal place for a relaxed breakfast by the sea or, better yet, a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars.

Far from the noise of the crowd of guests, we have every day at Grand Sunset Princess, an incredible place is hidden. An impressive gastronomic menu, different from the gastronomic offer of the main restaurants and buffets, combined with an exclusive and select wine menu. A restaurant that will make you happy during your dream vacation in Mexico.

The atmosphere, the Bali beds, the music and the personalized service you will find make the Chill Out Restaurant the ideal place for your cocktails in the afternoon or for the romantic moment you’ve been planning all the time.

* The Chill Out Restaurant is not part of the all-inclusive package. It is an exclusive place within the wide gastronomic offer of the resort.


What kind of cuisine can we find in the Chill Out restaurant?

The Chill Out Restaurant offers an exclusive and different menu of what you can find in the à la carte restaurants and buffets of the Grand Sunset Princess. Whether fresh seafood or delicious grilled meat dishes, there is so much to choose from the Chill Out menu that you will book your next visit as soon as you finish your lunch/dinner. We emphasize naturally:

  • The lobster in butter sauce, which every day full of joy and delight visitors to this beautiful restaurant.
  • Kobe Rib Eye or the impressive Tomahawk Spectacular for lovers of a good piece of meat that will leave you wanting more.

For dessert, you cannot leave the Chill Out restaurant without first trying the delicious Eclair stuffed with red fruits or the chocolate and jasmine bruleé cream. Favourite of the crowd and accompanied by a mixture of boiled fruits.

And finally, do not forget to try one of our Chill-Out cocktails. We are sure that we will not disappoint you!


Why should you visit the Chill Out restaurant?

There is no better reason than … because you will have an excellent and relaxed time while you are there! From the entrance of the restaurant, you will easily understand that you are in a different place. It is a paradise within paradise that is the Grand Sunset Princess. In such an amazing place and we are sure that you will find many reasons to visit us.

You can enjoy a sunny morning having breakfast in front of the beautiful turquoise waters (free of algae) or a lazy afternoon dreaming in a Bali bed. It can also be the idyllic place to organize that romantic celebration you’ve been dreaming for quite some time. Or the place where you gather your family around a birthday cake.

One of the highlights of this location is, of course, the romantic dinner under the clear Mexican sky. Our staff will give all the attention to the details you need and you can select from a wide range of dishes to make your dinner perfect from start to finish. And to make it more special, why not hire a professional photographer so you can have an emblematic photoshoot that you will remember forever? It is such a romantic place that we are sure that it will quickly become one of the highlights of your relationship and, of course, your vacation.

And even if you’re just looking for a relaxed place to spend the day, you may witness one of the many wedding proposals that take place at the Chill Out each year.


Either for breakfast or dinner; for a romantic night or a birthday celebration; for large groups or just a happy couple; The Chill Out serves all types of guests and with the incredible support of our staff, we are sure that you will have many good memories of the Chill Out restaurant.

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  1. Anna says:

    What is the average cost for chill out dinners?

  2. CHAD D WILSON says:

    Chill out bar is still closed… Why advertise this??? We have out wedding there in October and people are there now at the end of June and they are saying its closed… Please don’t lie to the tourist.

    • Good morning,

      Thank you for your comment! We regret the misunderstanding. The restaurant is closed due to the hotel protocols about Covid. This article was published before pandemic, so we aren’t advertising.

      We hope to open as soon as posible!


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