Discover with Princess Hotels the Cuisine and Nightlife of the Dominican Republic

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Welcome to Punta Cana! Visit this Caribbean destination with Princess Hotels & Resorts, take pleasure in the Dominican cuisine and enjoy the amazing nightlife of the Dominican Republic. The Princess Hotels and Resorts hotels in Punta Cana offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best Dominican cuisine and incredible nightlife in this Caribbean country.


Dominican Republic Cuisine

Gastronomy in Dominican Republic

Enjoy the best Dominican cuisine during your stay, let us show you a selection of traditional dishes that you can try while you are in our hotels in Punta Cana:

La Bandera, a simple but very tasty dish which combines perfectly white rice, beans and stewed meat and is accompanied by a freshly squeezed natural fruit juice.

Mofongo, delicious mashed bananas, locally cultivated, accompanied by pork rind, and can be served either as a main dish or accompaniment. You can also try “Moro”, a mixture of rice and beans, a pure classic of the dominican native kitchen.

And of course, we can’t forget the wonderful seafood from the Dominican Republic coast, very typical in the Caribbean cuisine, and especially in our all inclusive restaurants in our hotels in Punta Cana, where you can try grouper fillet, snapper, squid or enjoy a wonderful lobster in any of them.

For dessert, no table can be complete without the rich Creole sweets made with milk, coconut, oranges or plums and of course the wide variety of tropical fruits that offers a destination such as Punta Cana.

Last but not least, we cannot spend our vacations in Punta Cana without trying the most famous drink of this Caribbean country: Rum. In the bars and restaurants of our hotels in the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy a wide selection of Dominican rums and try some delicious rum based cocktails, mojito, cocoloco, and banana colada

You will also have the chance to enjoy Cerveza Presidente, an authentic institution in Dominican Republic which celebrated 80 years of existence this past 2015. Cerveza Presidente is a blonde and smooth beer, which makes it the perfect drink to beat the heat during your holidays in the beaches of Punta Cana.

After enjoying an excellent typical Dominican dinner, the ideal plan is to enjoy the nightlife on the island in its famous clubs and discos.


Nightlife in Punta Cana

Once the sun has set in Punta Cana, the entire coast comes alive, the people start to dance and enjoy the great variety of clubs in the area.

We must make special mention of Coco Bongo, one of the most famous clubs on the island and located in the ​​Bavaro beach area, where you can dance to the latest hits of the international scene, or Imagine Punta Cana, located in an amazing natural cave where you can enjoy fire and light shows.

Not to mention Guaguango, a recently opened complex where you will be able to enjoy delicious dinner and spectacular cocktails, dance to Caribbean rhytms like bachata, merengue or salsa and also enjoy the best live shows.

If you stay at the Hotel Caribe Club Princess or the Hotel Tropical Princess you have in the same hotel one of the best clubs in the ​​Punta Cana area, the Disco Areíto. Areito, which in the native language means “dance of the gods”, is themed with materials and objects in the same style of the Tainos tribe, originally from this area of ​​the Dominican Republic.

Let’s not forget those who enjoy a bit of a gamble, there is a wide variety of casinos throughout the area and many of them offer live music shows and discos, for example the Avalon Casino, very close to one of our hotels in Punta Cana, the Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort, Spa & Casino.


For all of this and much more, come and discover the Dominican Caribbean, spend your holidays in Punta Cana at one of the hotels of Princess Hotels and Resorts.

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  1. Steve Reeves says:

    I just came back from a 7 day package deal from this resort here at Punta Cana Tropical Princess Resort. Yes the beach and the place was nice, but the customer service we received from day 1 was awful. Day 1 on arrival we were told they were booked. Remind you I had booked and confirmed my stay for 3 rooms prior about 7 months ago. They then told us they will upgrade us to a 5 star hotel which is next door. We get there Ti be turned around because 2 of the family members are 17 and they have to be 18 because it’s an adult only resort. We drive back and all of a sudden they find 3 rooms for us. 2hrs later we finally get into our rooms but one room was next to a sewer pipe that was not covered, wires exposed in the room, and a TV that I called 3 times to get replaced that never happened. I called the room service and guest service 3 separate days and they always said we will be right there. Didn’t realize right there meant a week and counting because the 7 days there they never came. Then on the fifth night while out on a excursion we come back to all 3 room keys be deactivated. We called and once again they said we will be right there to bring you new keys. Yup never showed up so I go back up to the lobby which is about a 1/4 mile walk from the resort and they had the keys at the counter but avoided my question when asked why were they ever deactivated in the first place and also why did they never come like they told us. Just like why did they never come repair or replace a broken TV in one room. Customer service at this resort is horrible and ruined what was suppose to be our first big family vacation. This was by far the worse vacation I have ever encountered and I vacation a lot but would never recommend this resort to anyone. Its a shame because the place is nice but the service and people working there make it ugly. There were more problems we encountered and I have a complaint in with the company we booked through now but of course this will have to take up to 30 days to respond. Imagine that which means they will never come through like the customer service we got there. NO RECOMMENDATION FROM THIS FAMILY OF 6

    • Princess Hotels says:

      Dear Mr. Steve Revees:
      First of all, we would like to transmit you how sad we got in the very moment we were aware about your opinions regarding our hotel, where you can believe that our main concern –and goal – is always achieving the satisfaction of our guests, and becoming their holidays in happy experiences and memories that remain with them beyond their stay amongst us.
      We actually want to express our most sincere apologizes if we did not achieve generating in you that feeling and if we were not able to satisfy your expectations at all. You can believe that was not our intention.
      On the other hand, we thank you that you took some of your valuable time to send us your comments and points of view, because as you perfectly understand, that is the best way we have to be able to focus our corrections in the right way, the preferences of our guests.
      We know we have no excuse, but we also understand that we work with such sensitive “raw material” as the persons are, and besides in the Hospitality Industry, and there are chances in which we are wrong, or we make mistakes and we are not able to meet our guests expectations regarding our level of service, and then, in that moment, everything turns in negative, and even when trying to amend those mistakes, we are not able. Unfortunately, maybe that was your case, and we are deeply ashamed of this would happen.
      Bearing in mind your words, we perfectly understand that you do not have the will to come back visit us again, but even so, we do not want to quit transmitting you our kindest request of giving us a new chance to change your mind about this hotel and the human team who works here, continuously trying to make our guests feel like the center of our attention.
      Best regards.

      Federico Espinal
      General Manager

  2. Princess Hotels says:

    Thank you for your suggestion, I will make sure our marketing department checks it out

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